Yoga Wisdom for Birth Ebook


The Yoga Wisdom for Birth Ebook will teach you everything you need to know about your birthing body in order to have a positive and empowered birthing experience.

You will learn:

  • how your beliefs and mindset around birth can affect your experience and how to change this
  • how your birthing body works during labour and birth
  • practical tools that you can use during labour and birth to support your body to birth naturally and with ease
  • how to work with the medical system
  • how to put it all together and practice these skills to prepare for your birth
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Contents of the Yoga Wisdom for Birth Ebook

Module 1 – Beliefs and Mindset

  1. Beliefs and mindset around birth and how they shape your experience.
  2. The history of birth.
  3. How fear affects your birthing body.

Module 2 – Understanding your birthing body

  1. The hormones of birth.
  2. Your uterus.
  3. What happens during the 3 stages of birth.

Module 3 – Tools to use during birth

  1. An overview of the birthing tools
  2. Oxytocin and how to create it.
  3. 3 types of breath – relaxation, belly and breathing down.
  4. Movement
  5. Setting up your birthing space
  6. Meditations and visualisations
  7. Birth positions
  8. Affirmations for birth
  9. The role of your support person

Module 4 – Birthing choices and working with the medical system

  1. Birthing options
  2. The cascade of interventions
  3. Your birth plan and choices

Module 5 – Putting it all together and preparing for birth

  1. Putting it all together
  2. Preparing for labour and birth
  3. Preparing for postpartum
  4. Releasing fear around birth


Meditations (written and audio)

Visualisations (written and audio)



Are you more of a visual / audio learner? All of this information is also presented in video format in my Yoga Wisdom for Birth Ecourse which is available in my Online Yoga Circle Membership (Start your free 30 day trial here).



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