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The Online Yoga Circle is my monthly membership community where you can access all of my premium yoga classes and meditations all in one place.  

These classes are designed to support you through the massive transformations we go through as we become mothers.  From trying to conceive, miscarriage and loss, pregnancy, birth preparation and early postnatal recovery – you’ll find practices to guide you in all of these stages. 

Membership to the Online Yoga Circle includes:

+ Access to over 200 yoga classes including: 

  • Yoga for fertility
  • Yoga for miscarriage
  • Yoga for pregnancy (anxiety, three trimesters, common complaints – sciatica, SI and SPD, etc)
  • Yoga for birth (access my full Yoga Wisdom for Birth Ecourse as well as classes for optimal positioning.)
  • Yoga for postnatal recovery
  • Yoga for general Mum life overwhelm and anxiety
  • Meditations, information and more.

+ Support from myself and the community in our private SLACK group forum.

Yoga classes, information and meditations for:

+ trying to conceive & infertility

+ miscarriage, stillbirth, babyloss

+ pregnancy & birth

+ recovery & early motherhood

The not-so-small-print you might want to know about membership.

+ Membership is just $21 per month. This is less than you’d pay for one class in a studio. 

+ You can cancel your membership at any time.

+ As soon as you sign up you’ll have immediate access to all of the pre-recorded classes and you’ll see as new ones are added.

+ Still have more questions? I’m happy to answer just shoot me an email at – I am a regular Mum, just like you, sitting on my side of this screen and I’d love to connect.

"Bettina, I wanted to write to tell you how much your yoga practices have meant to me just in the past few weeks, since I discovered your YouTube channel and signed up for the Online Yoga Circle. s I prepared for an embryo transfer in the midst of all of this, I was looking for a way to calm my anxiety and connect with my body and found your videos on YouTube. Since then, I have done one of your yoga practices every day - sometimes twice a day. Preparing for the transfer, during the 2WW, and now, early in my second pregnancy. The transfer was successful! It's hard to think about what it will mean to be pregnant (and likely delivery my baby) during a pandemic, but I can't tell you how much your yoga practices have done for my mental and physical health. I have never - NEVER - looked forward to a movement or exercise class before, and I find myself looking for breaks in my day when I can squeeze in a 15 or 25 minute yoga practice with you. It turns out, when I don't have to put on special clothes, sign-up in advance, drive 20 minutes, park, find a space in the studio for my mat, follow along for a 60-minute class, and drive home, yoga is really enjoyable! I feel more connected to my body and my pregnancy, and you've given me such an incredible tool to build strength, manage anxiety, and prepare for childbirth that those first bleary, shell-shocked, wonderful postpartum weeks. Thank you so much for what you do. It has been such a gift during a difficult, unpredictable time and I know it will continue to be hugely beneficial for the remainder of my pregnancy and beyond. Thank you for sharing your story and your work."
Rachel Flynn
"Your approach to yoga really resonated with me. In the past I’ve put off all kinds of activities after kids because - too hard, haven’t got right equipment, need to wear the right gear etc . Now I’m trying to just get on with it, even if it is in my pjs!  So a heartfelt thank you again. Your work is meaningful and that you put it out into the world is greatly appreciated."
Kate O'Keefe
Mum of two, QLD
"I wish there was more woman talking openly about how hard being a Mother is, instead of pretending we are all super woman who can do everything without stressing. Thank you for this space"
Claudia Diaz Amayo
International Lawyer
“I have loved your online classes. I honestly feel more positive and more on top of things than I have in a long time."
Katie Yeates
Occupational Therapist
"I have been doing your Yoga for Fertility video (in combination with acupuncture and lifestyle changes) every week to help me get my cycle back. After eight and a half months, I finally got my period last Friday! I never thought I would be so happy to see it. Anyway, I just know that your yoga video played an important role in helping me to get my period naturally, and I want to express how grateful I am to be able to use it. So thank you, thank you, thank you! Now my husband and I can really start trying for our first baby."
Karen Linz