Pregnancy yoga poses

Welcome to this library of pregnancy yoga poses. It’s my intention to build this resource over time (while also juggling Mum life), so bear with me if some poses aren’t yet clickable. I’m working on it! Click through the names to learn about each pose, their benefits, contraindications, what props to use and how to cue them safely.

If you have any specific questions about any of these pregnancy yoga poses, feel free to leave questions on the individual posts. This will add extra helpful information for other yoga students and teachers. It’s probably also worth mentioning that not all of the movements mentioned below are strictly yoga. I’ve also drawn inspiration from pilates, physiotherapy and positions that encourage optimal alignment for birth.

This is not an exhaustive list of yoga poses suitable for pregnancy. If something is not listed here, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s not suitable for pregnancy or that there aren’t other poses that fit into the categories below. Please ask in the comments if there is another favourite pose of yours that you would like to know how to modify for pregnancy. 

To learn more about these pregnancy yoga poses from the perspective of how to teach them, join my pregnancy and postpartum yoga teacher training here. Or practise pregnancy yoga with me for free on my Youtube Channel.

Pregnancy yoga poses for Releasing

Wide-leg Forward Fold

Seated Wide-leg Forward Fold

Butterfly pose

Side Lunge

Lizard pose

Low Squat / Malasana

Calf Stretch

Seated Wide-leg Side Stretch

Easy Seated Twist

Seated Pelvic Circles

Forward Fold

Staff pose

Side-Lying Spinal Twist

Thread The Needle

Melting Heart

Low Lunge

Prone Psoas Release

Pregnancy Yoga Poses for Stability and Alignment

Mountain pose

Pelvic Tilts

Bridge pose

Table Top

Cat pose

Cow pose

Hero Pose

Warrior 1

Warrior 2

Warrior 3

Tree pose

Chair pose

High Lunge

Triangle pose

Pyramid pose

Side Angle pose

Gate pose

Restorative Pregnancy Yoga Poses

Corpse pose

Child’s pose

Legs up the Wall

Reclined Bound Angle

Supported Hero pose

Supported Wide-Leg Forward Fold

Supported Forward Fold

Reclined Spinal Twist

Pregnancy Yoga Poses for Labour and Birth

Preparing the body for labour and birth

Standing Wall Squat

Intense Toe Stretch

Goddess pose

Keep ups

Side-Lying Dancer

Breech Tilt

Open-Knee Melting Heart

During labour and birth

Supported Squat

Side-Lying Hip Stretch

Supported Tabletop

Child’s pose

Kneeling Lunge

Supported Cobra

Supported Lift & Tuck

Postnatal Recovery

Pelvic Tilts

Knee Falls

Leg Slide

Toe Taps

Wall Squat



Pelvic floor awareness