Fertility massage series


This fertility massage series includes three videos to guide you through self-massage during the different stages of the cycle. Each massage includes a meditation to finish.  Each video is between 10 and 15 minutes, though the massage can be extended through repetition of movements.

Video 1 Period Massage – This fertility massage is to be practiced when you have your period. This practise is gentle and nurturing when you may be feeling physical pain, sadness and disappointment.

Video 2  Pre-ovulation – Fertility massage at this stage of the cycle involves deep work into the digestive system and womb to improve circulation and alignment.

Video 3 Ovulation and two week wait – Fertility massage after ovulation focuses only on the digestive system as we leave the womb alone in case conception has occurred. This is a gentle and loving massage that includes a meditation to calm those two week wait nerves.

Want to learn more about how fertility massage works? Watch this video. 


Fertility massage is another amazing way to get in touch with your body and connect with your reproductive system. It helps us to truly connect, rather than seeing our reproductive system as a separate part that we may feel negatively towards because it’s ‘not working’.

Regular fertility massages are a relaxing practice to include into your daily routine that also give you a whole range of physical benefits.

Benefits of fertility massage:
+ can help process trauma from previous losses or treatments.
+ improves circulation to reproductive organs
+ helps the body detox by stimulating kidneys and liver
+ can boost egg health by increasing oxygenated blood flow to ovaries
+ helps uterus clear any remaining blood or tissues from previous menstrual cycle + can help regulate menstrual cycle
+ helps digestive system to work more effectively
+ helps reduce bloating and water retention
+ clears reproductive organs of old stagnant blood and brings in fresh new blood

I highly recommend you finding a fertility massage practitioner as this treatment when given by someone else can be profound.  If you’re in Brisbane or the Sunshine Coast please reach out to me or you can find a practitioner here. If you are unable to find someone near you though, self-massage is the next best thing.


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