Yoga for healing after miscarriage

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This series of yoga classes and meditations are designed to help you begin to heal after the loss of your baby. These gentle restorative practices will help you to start healing physically and emotionally.

Included in the series:

Yoga Practice #1 Stillness – In this class we practice finding stillness and allowing ourselves to feel whatever emotions are present in the body. If you’ve found yourself constantly seeking distraction, or numbing through other behaviours (food, alcohol, keeping busy, overwork, etc) this class can help you stop running and start to move through these feelings.

Yoga Practice #2 Acceptance – In this class we work on finding acceptance. Acceptance of this moment. Acceptance of what has happened. Acceptance of your body. If you feel like you are fighting against how fucking unfair this is – this class can help.

Yoga Practice #3 Open your heart to hope – In this class we are working to open the heart back up to positive possibilities. If you’re feeling negative and unsure how you’ll ever feel hopeful again – this is the class for you.


3 Meditations –

#1 – Letting go

#2 – Feeling it

#3 – Hope


1 review for Yoga for healing after miscarriage

  1. Lisa Zweck

    I very much wish that I would not have the need to be here, yet I do. These sessions are so very supportive, soothing and calming, just what I need, to help me stir my mind into the right direction. I wish I had known about these when going through my first loss. Thank You!

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