Goodnight fertility yoga series

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The goodnight fertility yoga series is designed to be practiced right before you go to bed. Each class will help you to reduce anxiety and overwhelm and prepare for a good nights sleep (so important for fertility.)



What’s included in the goodnight fertility yoga series?

This goodnight fertility yoga series includes four different classes – one for each phase of your cycle.  While all classes are gentle (we’re preparing to sleep after all), we’ll be tapping into a slightly different energy according to where you are in your cycle and using affirmations that suit each stage.



In this class we set the intention to release the old cycle with compassion and grace. We’ll turn our attention inward to release emotions and give our body the rest it needs.



This class embraces the energy of Spring as we move to increase circulation to the reproductive system and then soften to release anxiety.



This class is designed to help you tap back into your sensual, sexy self (obviously very important when you’re trying to conceive but this often becomes a struggle when sex becomes all about timing).


Two week wait

In this class we work on leaning into trust.  We allow ourselves the space to feel excitement at this time and use the breath to reduce the anxiety and stress often brought on by constantly looking for symptoms.


What are the benefits of fertility yoga?

Yoga helps us to surrender to this process that is really beyond our control. It also gives you the best chance of conception through reducing your stress (a significant factor impacting fertility).

Basically stress = extra cortisone and adrenaline in the body = hormones out of balance = fertility cycle is effected.

The worst part (as you probably already know) is that it becomes a vicious cycle. We feel stressed about the fact that we can’t conceive or carry a baby which affects our hormonal system (and reduces our chance of conceiving) which makes us even more stressed. (And on and on it goes).

And just in case you needed any more convincing that fertility yoga is something you should be considering.

  • Studies have shown that the anxiety and depression levels of women struggling with infertility are equal to those suffering conditions such as cancer, HIV and chronic illness.
  • Harvard Medical School published a report in Fertility and Sterility showing that women are 3 times more likely to conceive by practicing yoga and other relaxation exercises than women who do not. An astounding 55 percent of the participants in the group who were taught yoga, meditation, negative emotional releasing techniques, imagery exercises and nutrition conceived within one year.
  • yoga increases the energy and blood flow to heart and reproductive organs.
  • yoga supports and regulates your hormones
  • yoga practice reduces the level of stress hormone in the bloodstream.

You can learn more about how fertility yoga can help you when trying to conceive here. 

2 reviews for Goodnight fertility yoga series

  1. Revathi

    I feel like very good.

  2. Cav

    I found out about what you do only a few weeks ago as I was searching ‘can you do yoga in the two week wait’ and ‘how to thicken your uterine lining’ and you had answers for both, so that was great. I only wish I had discovered you sooner!

    I live in London, England. I am in my late 40s on my fourth cycle of IVF so I’m really trying to do everything I can. My frozen embryo transfer is in a few days.

    So far I have found your videos amazing – thank you for such a fantastic resource – and they have been so helpful as I navigate this frozen cycle. I have been doing yoga on and off for 6 years but I have to confess I didnt really know there was such a thing as fertility yoga. But I have been doing yoga several times a week for the past 9 months to deal with the stress of the pandemic and to keep healthy ahead of the IVF.

    When I found your channel, I started with the poses to thicken uterine lining as mine was a little slower than it could have been and am continuing with that routine every other day. I really liked that practice and since then I have been through so many of your videos! Your morning yoga, learn to trust/believe, morning yoga when time is short and today I did ovulation to implantation since that’s kind of where I am ahead of the transfer, and affirmations. They are all fantastic, I love your down to earth and friendly approach and that you address dealing with your emotions (but not too much) and there’s lots of breathing practice.

    I am so glad I found you, although a bit later in my journey, better late than never! Thanks again for the videos and support.

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