How pregnancy yoga can prepare you for birth: and a beginner’s pregnancy yoga flow



Many women come to pregnancy yoga for the immediate physical benefits, but quickly come to realise that it prepares you for birth as well.


For many women, pregnancy is the absolute first time they try yoga as they start looking for an alternative to other types of exercise that no longer suit their growing bod.


Yoga often comes up as the perfect choice for pregnancy exercise because it’s most basic principle is to listen to your bodyexactly what you need to do most when you’re pregnant.


Most women quickly realise they sleep better, have less aches and pains after class and just feel better generally when they’re practicing yoga.  But one of the greatest benefits of pregnancy yoga has to be the way it also prepares us for the greatest unknown; birth.


How can pregnancy yoga prepare you for birth?


Breathing Techniques

Yoga teaches us how to breathe deeply, for the specific reason of relaxing. Exactly what every Mama needs when going into labour and birth.


Birthing Positions

Learn what positions are ideal for helping to move labour along as well as those that use gravity to help us to deliver.



What is the number 1 factor that affects birth?  FEAR.  Yoga teaches us how to overcome fear and learn how to manage it when it comes up.



The meditation techniques you’ll learn in a pregnancy yoga class will help you to turn inwards and relax during labour, both proven to speed up and create a less complicated birth.


Today I’d like to share a beginner’s pregnancy yoga class with you.  It will explain the most basic ‘rules’ of pregnancy yoga and move you through a simple class that will help you feel better today.  


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