Relief from SI pain with yoga

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The last time I wrote about SI pain I was heavily pregnant with Rory and still in a lot of pain.  Now (almost 2 years later) I only have an SI flare up if I’m not careful about my alignment when sitting or standing for long periods of time or during a yoga class.

What is SI pain?

Sacroiliac pain is when the bones of the pelvis (sacrum and illium) become unstable.  This can be caused by a number of factors but basically pain arises when this joint either becomes too flexible or too stiff.  SI pain is common in pregnancy because of the relaxin in the body and is more common in second pregnancies where the demands of lifting older children can strain the pelvis.

But.. SI pain can also occur from sitting long hours at a desk with bad posture.  The muscles around this joint become tight causing the pelvis to be drawn out of alignment. It can also be found in people who are overly flexible, like gymnasts, as the muscles around the joint become stretched too far.

Before you check out this video today, please be aware that if your SI pain is severe movement might not be right for you just yet.  Work with a physio, use a support belt and be aware of alignment, but perhaps wait until the pain reduces before taking on any yoga.

If you are already working with a physio or just have mild SI pain that flares up every now and then. This video will show you:

  • how to find alignment in the pelvis to find relief from the pain
  • how to keep this alignment during a couple of common yoga poses
  • how to stretch the areas that when tight can cause SI pain; glutes, piriformis, hamstrings and adductors

I hope this video helps! Let me know if you have any questions and if you’d like to access all my videos in one place you can sign up for my online yoga studio.  All of the classes are designed with Mums in mind.

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