Yoga for breastfeeding

I never thought I’d be creating a yoga for breastfeeding class but here I am! Despite my best efforts to sit up straight and not look down at the cute baby (or the back of my eye-lids) all the time, I find myself doing exactly that every time I need to feed Rory.  Which happens, oh… almost every hour of the day!


Needless to say. My shoulders and neck are sore! And if I leave it too long the pain starts radiating up my neck and ends up becoming a headache by the end of the day.


I’ve been doing this short sequence or even just a combination of these poses whenever I get the chance and believe me, I can tell the days that I’ve found the time. So if you’re also breastfeeding or even if you’ve just been hunching over a computer, this sequence will help relieve those aching shoulders, neck and upper back.


Don’t have time to unroll your mat and do the full yoga class?


+ while (desperately) waiting for the kettle to boil, interlace the fingers behind the back and draw hands down to open up the chest and shoulders.

+ release your head down to each side to stretch out the neck when you brush your teeth

+ take eagle arms (one arm under the other and wrap the forearms and palms) to stretch out the upper back while you fill the bath for your little one


They might be small little changes but they will help overall if you practice them regularly.  I use these little clues (brushing teeth, waiting for the kettle) as reminders because otherwise I get to the end of the day and collapse into bed forgetting! Tired Mama brain!


If you’d like more yoga for breastfeeding or other early motherhood classes (core repair, pelvic floor – eek!) check out my studio.  You can start your free 30 day trial and access all of the classes that are available.



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