What you need to know about fertility yoga for the two week wait

fertility yoga for the two week wait

Fertility yoga for the two week wait is a topic that I get asked about alllllll the time.

I completely understand why.  

It’s that time in your cycle where you’re already incredibly anxious about whether you’re pregnant or not. You’ve been putting so much energy into ‘doing everything right’ that you don’t want to risk doing anything now that could hurt your chances.

Practicing fertility yoga during the two-week wait is a really great way to manage the stress of this time. Given that we already know that stress is one of the worst things you can do for your fertility anything that reduces it is a winner in my book.

And hey, worst case – it’s better than spending the whole two weeks checking for pregnancy symptoms and peeing on sticks way earlier than anything will likely ever show up.

Watch the video below or read on if you prefer.

If you are looking for fertility yoga classes to guide you through a flow check out my 28 Day Fertility Yoga Course. It includes yoga classes for all four stages of the menstrual cycle. Each class is specifically tailored to help you maximise fertility, de-stress and get you in the right frame of mind for conception.

Or start by downloading  my free Fertility yoga guide here.

Why practice fertility yoga for the two week wait?

+ helps to reduce stress

+ helps with mindset (thinking positive) and reducing anxiety

+ helps to increase the health of reproductive organs

+ is a positive way to spend the time that may feel like it’s dragging

What you need to know about this phase of the cycle

+ this phase might also be referred to as ‘pre-menstrual’ or ‘inner autumn’

+ we often feel PMS symptoms during this phase (bloating, crankiness, tired, unsociable)

+ energy wise you might feel quite a destructive energy during this phase (think hypercritical, annoyed easily, not as easily satisfied with anything).

How to modify your yoga practice for the two week wait

+ your yoga practice during the two week wait should assume that you are pregnant

+ limit any poses that put pressure on or compress the belly

+ twist open in poses to avoid compressing the belly

+ yoga during the two week wait should be gentle

+ focus on opening up hips, groin and belly to make sure blood is flowing well to reproductive organs

+ focus on the breath and exhaling out any stress that the two week wait is creating for you.

Want to practice with me right now?  Check out this gentle fertility yoga for the two week wait below.

6 Responses to “What you need to know about fertility yoga for the two week wait

  • Belinda
    4 years ago

    I really liked your video but it would be nice if you spoke less during the mediation

    • Bettina Rae
      4 years ago

      Noted 🙂

      • Thank you for this! I’m relieved to see that inversions like shoulder stand aren’t on the avoid list. I did one this morning, and realize it might have been a bad idea, as it could work against the downward destination of the embryo to my uterus. I was thinking good circulation….but didn’t think about this until afterward. I did read that our tubes have cilia and contract to aid the embryo along but I can’t help but be nervous . Hopefully if anything, I delayed it by only a day or so . I am on 4DPO. Thank you for letting me vent my concerns here and any feedback is welcome!

        • Bettina Rae
          3 years ago

          You’re welcome. Sending you love and hope that this is a positive cycle. 🙏🏻💜

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