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How much does it cost?

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(Or pay in four instalments of $50)

Are you starting to question whether you’ll ever have a baby of your own?

Do you burst into tears whenever yet ANOTHER pregnancy announcement pops up in your Instagram feed?  

Do you feel like giving up?

If you’ve come across my page because you’re feeling overwhelmed, anxious and lost in your struggle to conceive and you’re looking for another way, you’re in the right place.

 If you’re looking for some answers, some practices to help you conceive your baby and actually enjoy the process again,  you’re in the right place.

I’ve been exactly where you are.

After losing 3 babies in 12 months I’d spiralled into a really dark place. I was hurting badly and while I tried not to admit it, I was incredibly negative about my chance of ever having another healthy baby.

I didn’t realise it when I was in the thick of it, but my anxiety was out of control.  I was an emotional wreck. My skin was breaking out like crazy. My body was holding onto extra weight. I was irritable all the time and felt like I couldn’t think about anything else. 

Infertility can be a really lonely road and while everyone tells you to ‘just relax’ and ‘stop stressing’. No one tells you how the f*** you’re meant to do that when you can’t have the one thing you want so badly. 

I’ve created this fertility yoga course because when I was struggling the most, these are the tools and practices that helped me. It includes everything used over the 7 month break that we took from trying to conceive and what put me in the right frame of mind to conceive the very next month. 

In these yoga classes and workshops I share what helped me calm down from the stress of it all and practices that will help improve your fertility and maintain a positive mindset throughout your cycle.  

I won’t bull shit you though. I won’t guarantee that any of this will make you pregnant. But research has proven that reducing stress is an important factor in a healthy pregnancy and it is going to make the road to your baby a whole lot more enjoyable. 

You should be able to enjoy the journey towards creating your family, not have to endure it. 


fertility yoga

Fertility Yoga Course Includes:

+ four yoga classes (one for each phase of your cycle – see below for details)

+ themed weekly videos and tasks to help you overcome the stress of trying to conceive 

+ ebook with all the information you’ll need to start practicing

+ monthly, weekly and daily planners to stay organised

You’ll learn…

+ How to track your cycle to work with your own body to improve fertility. 

+ How to bring yourself down from stress and actually enjoy the process of trying to conceive, rather than feeling like it’s something you have to endure.

+ How to work with your body’s own natural cycle to improve fertility.


The fertility yoga course is suitable for every fitness level, whether you’ve practiced yoga before or are brand new. 

The only tech skills you’ll need  is an email address. You can access the resources on any device (phone, tablet, computer or smart tv). 

You’ll have lifetime access to all the resources (yoga classes, ebook, videos, etc). 

Once you’ve purchased you will receive an email within 24 hours with the course information ready for you to start. 

You’ll receive four fertility yoga classes designed around the phases of your cycle. Understanding your cycle is the ultimate way to balance your hormones and improve your fertility. 

Menstruation (Winter Phase) – dealing with disappointment & clearing the old cycle.

Pre-ovulation (Spring Phase) – preparing the body and mind for pregnancy.

Ovulation (Summer Phase) – supporting the body to conceive.

Pre-menstrual (Autumn Phase) – handling the stress of the dreaded two week wait.

Each week you’ll receive a video from me where we explore a different topic and you’ll have all the resources to reflect on this further in the ebook. 

Week 1. How to stop the obsession and enjoy life again.

Week 2. Work with your cycle for ultimate balance.

Week 3. Dealing with difficult emotions, anxiety and disappointment.

Week 4. Changing beliefs and mindset. 

“I have been doing your yoga for fertility every week to help me get my cycle back. I know we don’t know each other, but I just wanted to give you an update: after eight and a half months, I finally got my period last Friday! I never thought I would be so happy to see it. Anyway, I just know that your yoga video played an important role in helping me to get my period naturally, and I want to express how grateful I am to be able to use it. So thank you, thank you, thank you! Now my husband and I can really start trying for our first baby.” – Karen (Karen has since gone on to have a beautiful baby girl. Read her story of hope here.)

“I always dread that day when my period is due and I am completely trapped in that cycle of negativity. Right now I feel completely exhausted and overwhelmed and that’s how I found you and your site. I really just wanted to tell you how much you have helped me already! You made me realise that I am not crazy, that I need to get help, look after myself more and that there is still hope.” – Anna

“Thank you so much for your kind message and all you are doing. I discovered your videos while I was on a two week never-ending wait and they helped a lot. They are so calming, soothing, you give confidence and hope. I just got my positive test results yesterday and we are very happy! Thank you!” – Elena

“Bettina, I can’t thank you enough for your help. Before I found you I had pretty much given up hope. My husband and I were really struggling in our relationship too from all the pressure of TTC. Now I feel like a completely different person. We are ready to start trying again and instead of feeling afraid I feel like I am ready to face whatever happens, so thank you!” – Sam

“After my miscarriage I was really struggling with information overload. I’d read everything on the internet about fertility and I was feeling anxious about falling pregnant again in case we lost this baby too. Thank you for caring so much about me even though you don’t know me in real life and for listening whenever I needed. I can’t thank you enough for helping me feel confident in my body again.” – Jessica

Frequently asked questions

I’m going through IVF. Can I still do this yoga?
You sure can.  There are four different yoga classes for each phase of your cycle, so we can match those to where you are in your treatment. Many women that I’ve worked with have found that these yoga practices and the other tools I share are a massive support during the stressful process that IVF can be.
My cycle isn’t 28 days. Is the course still right for me?
Absolutely yes. Every cycle is different and this course is about learning to understand and work WITH your own body, not try and make your body fit a mold that it was not designed to fit.
The course only reason the course is 28 days is because  that gives us enough time together to work through the content and discuss the different phases of the cycle and stressors of infertility. 
How does yoga improve fertility?
The best thing yoga will do for your fertility is calm your nervous system down, which in turn helps the reproductive system to work as it should.  
It also works on the physical body to open and release the areas around the reproductive organs to make sure they are as healthy as they can be.
What is involved with the course? How much time do I need each week?
Each week you’ll have a yoga class to practice (approximately 20 minutes). It’s up to you how many times per week you practice. 
You’ll also receive a video on the mindset topic for the week and some reflective activities for you to work through in the ebook.  This could take as little as ten minutes or up to an hour, depending on how much you want to do.

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