Best pregnancy yoga tights for the second trimester

So I’ve only juuuust scraped in these photos for this post in the second trimester. I was only one day off the third, but hey – better late than never right?  


So I’ve definitely road-tested these tights for the FULL second trimester.  If you’re coming to this post and you’re still in the first trimester you can check out the first review I did here. 


Also… you guys – I’m now looking back at the pics I took for my first trimester and wondering WHY I thought I had a big bump already.  I didn’t. I had post-christmas lunch bloat – yet I remember at the time feeling SOOOO pregnant.  Perspective hey?


Anyway, I’ll keep this review similar to last time and just update the things that have changed for me. I.E my belly is a whole lot bigger and my pelvis is more unstable as my pregnancy has progressed.


Lorna Jane 7/8 Maternity Tights in size small (currently only available in full length)


pregnancy yoga tights for the second trimester

pregnancy yoga tights for the second trimester

pregnancy yoga tights for the second trimester

These tights were my favourites in trimester one and are still cutting it in trimester two as well.  They are super soft and light-weight and given that the weather here in Australia still doesn’t really feel like autumn, ‘cool’ is pretty much top of my list at the moment.


Positives: super soft and light weight


Negatives: still none


Best for: hot climates and those who like to choose whether to have them sit under the belly (they roll down) or high on the belly.


Pass the down dog test?  Yep! No undies on show in these tights.


Investment: 7/8 Tights – $96.99

Full length – $106.99


Maternity + Post-Partum Sports Leggings – 3/4 Black by Cadenshae in small (provided to me by Milk and Love)


second trimester


second trimester


I love the look and feel of these tights. They’re silky smooth and very supportive especially around the hips (definitely something I’m loving as I’m now dealing with a bit of SI pain. )


Positives: soft silky fabric and how they support around the hips


Negatives: this could be a positive for others but on the Sunshine Coast at the moment, they’re just still too hot.  My body overheats super quick and the fabric is just too hot. Bring on Winter!


Best for: Trimester two and three when you need the support around the hips and low belly. Better suited for cooler climates


Pass the down dog test?  Easily. The fabric is lightweight, but also surprisingly thick.


Investment: 3/4 Black – $85


Maze 3/4 Pregnancy Maternity Tights – Charcoal in small.



These tights are my favourite for really sweaty yoga sessions.  The fabric copes well heat and they don’t cut in anywhere on the belly (my personal pet-hate about yoga tights during pregnancy).


Positives: Doesn’t cut anywhere on the belly.


Negatives: Again this is only a negative that relates to be, but they cut a little bit into my calves.  If you’ve got thicker calves like me these might not be the best choice.


Best for: Sweaty yoga and other workouts – if you’re living somewhere HOT or still like getting your sweat on while pregnant, these tights are for you.


Pass the down dog test?  The thick weave of this fabric means there is no see-through-ness (totally a word!) at all, even when you’re bending over.


Investment: 3/4 tights – $79.95


Fittamamma Ultimate Pregnancy Fitness Capri Leggings in small



I love that these give you the option of roll up or roll down.  These are actually my fave for just going for a walk, rather than yoga – possibly because they’re just so damn comfortable.


Positives: I love that these are 93% cotton – I think this is why I have no problem wearing them all day.


Negatives: I’m honestly scratching the barrel here, but I’m not a huge fan of the pink stripe. Which of course, is not a negative at all  because Fittamamma offers these tights with a grey stripe or none at all in the full length.


Best for: Gentle yoga sessions for when you want to be REALLY comfortable. (I.E I know a friend who wears these to watch netflix on her couch). 


Pass the down dog test? Yup, no issues with see-through bits here.


Investment: Fitness Capri pink stripe £54.99 (approximately $95 Australian Dollars)


Glamamama Happy Mum Maternity Leggings in small/medium



While not strictly for yoga, these maternity leggings  work with a longer top and are super soft and comfy.


Positives: super soft fabric and soft elastic under belly fit. Fits my belly perfectly now I’m in the second trimester.


Negatives: these tights are only available in two sizes – small/ medium and large/ extra large. They’re very long so if you’re a short arse like me you’ll have extra fabric around your ankles.


Best for: yin and gentle yoga where you want to be warm (full length) and super comfy (doesn’t cut anywhere)

Tall yogis who need the extra length in the legs.


Pass the down dog test? They’re a touch see-through with black undies, but are easily fixed with neutral colour underwear or a longer top.


Investment: Full length – $54


Queen Bee Trimester™ – Oasis Long Maternity Leggings in Black (wearing size small)



I lived in a pair like this from Queen Bee when I was pregnant with Rory. In fact, I’ve only just let go of my last pair (3 years on) because they were looking a little bit sad from all the love.


Positives: 95% cotton = super comfy to wear and they’re nice and thick which means I’m also wearing these as pants (because I’m told that’s 100% acceptable when you’re pregnant). Happy to report that while they were a little big in the first trimester, they well and truly fit my belly perfectly now.


Negatives: Other than still being a bit hot for the weather here on the Sunshine Coast – nothing!


Best for: wearing straight from yoga class to the coffee shop or for those looking for tights that will double-duty as active-wear and regular pants.  Throw a long top over these, add some nice shoes and you can definitely wear them out.


Pass the down dog test? With flying colours.


Investment: $47.95


Overall best pregnancy yoga tights for the second trimester?

My favourites in the second trimester are still the Lorna Jane 7/8s but the Maternity + Post-Partum Sports Leggings – 3/4 Black by Cadenshae are a close second.


What are your favourite pregnancy yoga tights? Any that I’ve not included here and absolutely must? Please get in touch and I’ll edit and add them to the post.

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