Fertility Yoga For IVF

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This fertility yoga for IVF series is designed for women going through IVF or other assisted reproductive technologies. The yoga classes in this series are safe for women undergoing these procedures but will also help maximise your fertility and manage the stress and anxiety that these processes create.


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Why yoga for IVF?

IVF and other assisted reproductive procedures can feel stressful and overwhelming. Added to this, many women often keep their experiences to themselves as they are nervous to share with others around them.  This can make this whole process an isolating experience.


I’ve designed this yoga series because I don’t believe you should have to go through this alone. You don’t need to feel afraid to move at this time. In many cases movement is very helpful in shaking off the emotions and stress of procedures and waiting.


What are the benefits of yoga for IVF?

  • helps manage the stress of medical procedures and all of the uncertainties of this process
  • improves circulation in the body to ensure health of reproductive system
  • supports the body to detox excess hormones
  • gives you practical tools to manage the emotional rollercoaster that is involved in the IVF process
  • builds your resilience and patience
  • helps you relax and sleep better (which improves fertility)

Yoga for IVF series includes:

3 Yoga Classes

Pre-ovulation / STIMS  – This class is designed for practice during STIMS and/ or for those waiting for natural ovulation.  This class focuses on improving circulation in the body and gently relieving anxiety.


Two week wait – This class is designed to be practiced from day 4 after your transfer until your blood test.


Waiting – This class is designed to be practiced when you’re between rounds, during a period of de-regulation or if you’re waiting for a new cycle to start.


2 Meditations

Yoga Nidra – This meditation will bring you into a deep state of relaxation. Use this meditation whenever you feel overwhelmed and anxious; before, during or after procedures


Gratitude meditation – The meditation is designed to be practiced after the trigger shot and retrieval as this time often creates a great amount of anxiety (although it is also able to be practiced at other times in the cycle as well). Use this meditation to calm your nerves and bring you back to a positive mindset.



Want to practice other fertility yoga classes with me?


Learn more about what types of yoga are safe during IVF here.

1 review for Fertility Yoga For IVF

  1. Erin

    I’m sure you get lots of emails and I hope this one finds you well. You don’t know me but I’ve been an avid follower of yours for the last several years. My partner and I were struggling with infertility and while I had often found comfort in yoga, during my struggles to try to get pregnant I was soured by the constant toxic positivity in the yoga space. When I came across your channel your honesty and genuine care shone through in your practice and allowed me to lean into the “what ifs” and feel supported by someone who had been in my position. It truly always felt like you were holding space for your followers.

    You were a part of my 4 year journey to conceive my daughter. 3 IUIs, 1 retrieval and 1 transfer. I felt like every time I was about to climb some fertility mountain you’d have a practice for that thing: taking a break, getting ready for retrieval, prepping for that first ultrasound.

    Anyway I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart and introduce you to my Daughter Marie born through IVF – a perfect blend of science, acupuncture, yoga, therapy, and community support. You were a special part of getting her here.

    Thank you thank you thank you, from the other side of the world 💓

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