Fertility Yoga for the four stages of your cycle

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You’ll receive four yoga classes designed around the phases of your cycle. Understanding your cycle is the ultimate form of self care.

Menstruation (Winter Phase) – dealing with disappointment of not being pregnant & clearing the old cycle physically and energetically.

Pre-ovulation (Spring Phase) – preparing the body and mind for pregnancy. We focus particularly on poses that open and enhance the oxygen to the reproductive organs.

Ovulation (Summer Phase) – supporting the body to conceive and visualising pregnancy.

Pre-menstrual (Autumn Phase) – handling the stress of the dreaded two week wait and focusing on a positive mindset.


Each class includes positive mantras to focus on while you practice and a meditation / visualisation relevant to the stage of the cycle. Once purchased you are able to access these classes immediately.

3 reviews for Fertility Yoga for the four stages of your cycle

  1. Christina pallesen

    Super good yoga class and Bettina you are awesome

  2. Shazrina Azman

    Can’t wait!

  3. Vanessa MM

    Hi Bettina,
    I would like to purchase this.
    How long are the classes please ?

    • Bettina Rae

      These classes are between 20 and 30 miniutes. For longer classes for the different stages, try my Online Yoga Cirle.

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