How I’m dealing with anxiety during a stressful pregnancy

dealing with anxiety

I knew that after three losses this pregnancy was never going to be a complete walk in the park.  But before I even fell pregnant again (or we even started trying after our break) I promised myself that I was going to do a lot better with keeping my anxiety in check.


It was almost like I literally decided that either way, losing another baby was going to suck, big time, so I may as well enjoy every moment as I had, as I had it.


So here we are.


I’m currently 18 weeks pregnant. Some days my anxiety simmers, other days it rages. Some days I forget I have it at all.


In this week’s Vlog I’m sharing how I manage my anxiety and what I do when I find myself in an anxiety spiral (which at the moment is often triggered by things like doctors appointments, ultrasounds and important dates, etc). Click to watch it below or scroll on to read my tips.


How do you deal with anxiety? If you’ve got any tips for me I’d be really grateful if you’d share. x



How I’m managing anxiety during a stressful pregnancy

+ journalling  – each morning I write whatever is going on in my head – it helps to get it out and makes me feel a little less crazy

+ spending time outside as much as possible – time in my veggie garden, in the pool or at the beach has really been helping me to keep anxiety away

+ meditation

+ staying off social media as much as possible (I’ve totally considered quitting it entirely – but can I do that when I run an online business?)

+ talking about it to friends / family who get it  (You might think staying quiet about anxiety is best, but honestly it tends to run riot in your head if you keep it a secret. Sharing it with others helps immensely)

+ reading lots of fiction (I can’t worry about any of my own stuff if I’m lost in another world)


What I do when I find myself in an anxiety spiral

+ take the pressure off / drop expectations to do or achieve anything (when I’m in this mode, trying to do anything just makes it worse, sometimes you just have to ride it out).

+ time alone (preferably outside with no phone for distractions) – going for a solo walk often helps clear my head if I’m starting to spiral

+ yoga! (of course) or any other sort of movement will also work

+ distraction (while sometimes distractions makes my anxiety worse, at other times it can be really helpful to get me out of the spiral)


So that’s how i’m dealing with anxiety during this pregnancy. I’d love to hear how you manage anxiety if you’re open to sharing. x

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