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Thank you for your interest in practicing fertility yoga with me. I’ve put this page together to help you know where to start if you’re brand new to yoga for fertility and/or my site. Most importantly though, I want you to know if you have any questions, please reach out and ask.

I believe yoga is about community, and while I’m grateful that technology lets me reach you on the other side of the world – I don’t want these screens between us to stop us connecting.  I hope the information you find on this page helpful and look forward to practicing yoga with you soon. xx

How does fertility yoga actually work?

Where to start with fertility yoga?

Can fertility yoga help you fall pregnant?

Many women ask me can fertility yoga can actually help you fall pregnant and look, I get it. Once upon a time I would have doubted this too. It wasn’t until I went through my own fertility challenges (and three losses) that I realised how powerful a yoga practice can be in supporting you on your fertility journey. It helps you tune in to your body to make positive changes for your fertility, supports your reproductive system and gives you tools to manage the stress and emotional toll that infertility can create.

Recent studies are finding that there are strong connections between stress and conception rates.  This seems like a cruel joke  though doesn’t it? Infertility itself creates stress, and also stress creates infertility.

After a while it can all feel like a  negative cycle that you’ll never be able to get out of.

The good news though is that this is where fertility yoga can help.

Our lives are more stressful than ever. There are no longer clear lines between work and rest. Now it all blurs together and everything feels urgent. We respond to work emails from our couch in what is supposed to be our ‘down time’.  We are in a constant state of comparison feeling like we should be ‘doing more’.   We no longer live by a natural rhythm where we cycle in and out of periods of action and periods of rest. Instead, life is all go, go, go. 

As a result our bodies function in a constant state of stress. For some of us, we’ve been this way for so long we can’t even remember what it feels like to not be stressed. We justify it by saying it’s just our ‘personality’, that we ‘naturally can’t sit still’, that this is ‘just the way we are’. All the while self-medicating our stress with things that help us  feel better; alcohol, sugar, caffeine, more work… (which ironically just help to fuel the cycle of stress).

Meanwhile, our bodies are interpreting this stress in the same way they did when we were cavemen. Our bodies think we’re in mortal danger and it’s preparing to fight or run. The body thinks there is a saber-tooth tiger about to eat us and is sending all the signals to kickstart your survival systems. 

Your reproductive organs are not a part of the survival system. When your body is in stress-mode it literally turns off your reproductive system because it doesn’t make sense to have a baby when you’re in danger. Instead energy and blood flow is sent to the extremities to help you fight or run away from danger. 

But there is no immediate danger. The stress is in our heads. Our bodies are all wired up to run and fight but all we have to fight is the anxiety battle in our heads. 

Fertility yoga helps us to turn all of this around. We learn to breathe deeply. To slow down. To notice what in our life makes us feel better, calmer, happier. And what makes us stressed, anxious, and depressed. 

By doing this, our overall health and fertility is improved. We sleep better. We eat better. We calm our nervous system down which regulates our hormones and improves blood flow to our reproductive organs.

In short.

Can fertility yoga help you fall pregnant? 


If you’re want to get started – download my free fertility yoga guide below.

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What others are saying.

"Your energy is so calming and hopeful, as well as inviting. You make women feel inclusive and part of a community, a community that needs the support of others who are trying to conceive, who have suffered a loss, and who truly know what you are going through. I am so excited to start your fertility yoga course! I know it will help me as we try for another baby. I also know that it will help my health overall so that I can live in the NOW, with the hope of the future, without being obsessive or stressed about what that future holds. Thank you."
- Lauren, USA
"In February I went to the doctor again to get checked. He told me everything was great and if Im not getting pregnant is because of stress. The thing is that I get stressed about being stressed and can’t help wondering why I don't get pregnant. Since I work all morning and take care of my girl in the afternoon I don't have time to exercise or do something to relax I decided to look for something I could do at home when my girl goes to sleep. And that is when I found your videos. Ia absolutely love them! Thank you so much for your videos!"
- Lily, Mexico
"Today I did my first yoga session, the autumn session. You were right! I absolutely love the affirmations AND the visualizations. This feels totally right for me, this is what I need. Sending you a big big hug. I'm so happy! I'm looking forward to what's coming.
- Mia
"Thank you so much for your kind message and all you are doing. I discovered your videos while I was on a two week never-ending wait and they helped a lot. They are so calming, soothing, you give confidence and hope. I just got my positive test results yesterday and we are very happy! Thank you! :)"
- Elena, France

Fertility yoga products

My fertility story

It took us over a year to conceive our first boy.  In that time I was highly anxious and really started questioning whether I would ever be able to have a baby.  The journey affected our relationship and in all honesty ‘trying to conceive’ stopped being fun.  In hindsight our issue was a combo of hormonal (I had been on the pill for 10 years prior) and stress.

Eventually I realised the stress and pressure was not helping and got back into my yoga and meditation practice and shortly after fell pregnant with our first boy (who is now 7). We had another boy 3 years later and that was a relatively easy process. Though I didn’t really consider it at the time, I was in a really good place before and during that pregnancy. I was teaching and practicing a lot of yoga and had a very supportive community around me.

More recently though I lost three babies in 12 months.  It was a heartbreaking road and if you’ve been on this one too, please know I understand. I did lots of work with my own counsellor and healers and much of my own experience now influences how I teach yoga.

You can read more and learn how my story turned out here.