Embrace change during pregnancy

change during pregnancy


I wish I could tell you that from the moment I fell pregnant I was all earth-mama-zen.  I wish I could tell you I was able to embrace change during pregnancy from that first moment I saw those two pink little lines.


I could tell you that – but I’d be flat out lying. 


I distinctly remember being pregnant with my first and thinking about all the ways that I wouldn’t change just because I was pregnant and having a baby.


I thought I’d still be as social as I’d always been – I’d just take the baby with me. 


I thought I’d still eat as healthy as I always had – I never accounted for the fact that your body literally demands what it wants when you’re growing a human. (FYI. I swear my boys are made purely of carbs and salt.)


I thought I’d keep doing all the same exercises right up until I gave birth – I didn’t realise that it literally wouldn’t be possible to do half the things I’d been doing with a watermelon belly.


The biggest change of all though was the fact that I no longer cared about any of these things as my belly grew and my body changed.  While you’d think this would be comforting, it also left me feeling a little bit unsure of myself.  A little bit confused about who I was now.


I definitely resisted these changes during my first pregnancy and that first year with my first baby. I fought against all the ways I’d changed because admitting to them felt scarier.  Admitting to them meant admitting I wasn’t really sure who I was anymore.


Who was I without my work? Who was I without the social life I’d previously known? Who was I without all the things that I did?


It was pretty scary to admit that I didn’t really know.


I fought against all of the changes of pregnancy and becoming a Mum for too time. It made me feel trapped by motherhood. I was depressed and anxious. It caused issues in my relationship. It wasn’t until I finally started to accept and embrace the changes that I started to enjoy this whole motherhood gig.


Why you need to embrace change during pregnancy


+ Frankly. Like it or not, the changes are going to happen anyway. You can either struggle against them or flow with them.


+ You’re able to look after yourself better and get the support you need if you’re aware of the changes rather than in denial of them. Eg. Instead of staying out til 3am at 22 weeks pregnant to prove that you haven’t changed, you’ll be able to say ‘I really need to go home and sleep now’.  #mayormaynothavebeenmeinmyfirstpregnancy


+ If you can embrace the changes that happen during pregnancy you’re going to be WAY better prepared for all of the changes that are headed your way as a Mother. If you can surrender to pregnancy I really think you’ll enjoy motherhood more because you won’t be so busy trying to fight against it. You’ll accept it for what it is and adapt.


Ways to embrace change during pregnancy


+ Follow the lead of your body. It knows the way.  Sleep and rest when you need. Stop pushing. Stop trying to be like you were before.


+ Be excited about the changes that are happening rather than dreading them.  Can you approach them with the attitude of ‘How lucky I am to be experiencing pregnancy and all that comes with it!’


+ Know it’s not forever. I remember when I had my first baby, one of the biggest things I struggled with was feeling like I was trapped… FOREVER.  I felt like the lack of sleep would last forever. I felt like I’d never be able to leave the house again. I felt like I would never get to do anything for myself again.


And what do you know. Now he is a 6 year old who is currently in the other room, entertaining himself. He never cries when I leave anymore and he is more likely to be heard asking ‘where’s Dad?’ than looking for me. Go figure.


Life will change drastically during pregnancy and with young babies… and then it will change and changes again.  Keep reminding yourself that while pregnancy and the early baby stages feel all-consuming they really won’t last forever. They really are fleeting (despite the fact that an afternoon with a teething baby can sometimes feel like an eternity).


I’d like to share with you today a  yoga class for all trimesters to help you start to embrace change during pregnancy.  Remember though, it’s a practice.


You probably won’t be ready to embrace all of it with open arms in just 15 minutes. Hell – I’m still reminding myself of these things almost 7 years later.  


It’s a very good place to start though.


How did you / do you feel during pregnancy? Were you able to embrace change or did you struggle like I did?


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