Vision boards for fertility and pregnancy

vision boards for fertility

You’ve probably heard of using a vision board to help you create the future you want.  Maybe you’ve even made a vision board in the past to help you create a business. Or to change a negative mindset. Or to save and plan for a holiday.


But have you ever thought about using vision boards for fertility and pregnancy?


My last vision board was made after we had a break from TTC and just before we started trying again. At this point in my life it helped me to not fall back into the trap of becoming obsessed about trying to make a baby.


It helped me focus on all the good things I wanted to create in my life, not just my desire to have another baby.


I’ve also used a vision board during my second pregnancy to help focus on the birth I wanted to create after a fairly traumatic experience first time around.


What is a vision board?

Basically it’s just a collection of images that help to visually remind you of the future you want to create.


It might be literal. Ie. include images of things you want to buy, see or do.


Or it could convey feelings. Eg. You might include an image of a bird to convey a feeling of freedom that you want to create in your life.


Why use vision boards for fertility?

+ helps to keep you focused on the positive

+ can help you to manage stress and anxiety

+ helps you to keep living rather than becoming obsessed with TTC

+ can be used as a beautiful reminder to keep up your self care

+ can help you to keep relationships strong


Why use vision boards for pregnancy?

+ help you create the type of birth that you want

+ help you to manage fear or anxiety around birth

+ can help you get organised

+ can become a lovely record of this time in your life

+ can help you explore your feelings around birth and becoming a mother


I’m sharing my last vision board in todays video. What came true and what I’m still working on. Check it out below if you’re interested. And let me know in the comments what’s on your vision board at the moment.  Do you make them?


Want to know more about visualisation for fertility? My 28 Day Fertility Yoga Course has all the resources I used to come down from (and manage) the stress of TTC after 3 losses. I hope that it helps you too. Please reach out if you have a question or need support. x

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  • Thanks for this! I’m going to try this now as a virtual board for fertility!

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