How yoga can help your overall fertility // Fertility Yoga Class

yoga can help your overall fertility

I’m sure you know by now that the best thing yoga can do for our fertility is help us to de-stress (Namely because I bang on about it all the time). But did you know that it improves our fertility in other ways as well? 


The simple act of slowing down and being more present in our bodies helps us to make better choices in other areas of our life as well.


After practicing yoga regularly we’re more likely to eat better. To move more. To drink more water. To listen to our bodies when we need more sleep.


It’s often the case that women will come to one of my fertility yoga classes; stressed out, trying to make positive changes for their fertility but struggling under the weight of all the things they need to do.


They practice their first class and they float home feeling positive, a little bit more relaxed and like they’ve made a good choice.


But that’s not where the best changes happen.


It’s when they come back to their second class and while practicing notice that they don’t like how heavy food feels in their body. So they start making changes to lighten up their diet with fresh nourishing foods.


Then they visit their third class and they feel a little bit dizzy and realise they need to drink more water in their day.


Then after their fourth class they feel lethargic and sloth-like and realise they need to give themselves more sleep.


All the while their nervous systems are starting to calm down and suddenly they’re noticing (and not liking) being in stressful environments anymore.


Maybe they’ve slowed down enough to start tuning in and noticing the signs that their body gives them throughout the different stages of their cycle.


Little by little these changes start to add up.  It’s surprising really just how much of your life yoga can impact when you start to practice it regularly.


I see these changes in women who practice yoga for fertility all the time.  Which I guess is why I keep banging on about it!


Today I want to share a fertility yoga class with you that will help improve blood flow to the reproductive and digestive organs, and will also help you to come into the body to manage stress. Keep practicing regularly and all those other good changes will happen as well. 😉


This fertility yoga class is best suited after menstruation (after you have stopped bleeding) up until ovulation.  This is because we will be compressing the belly and twisting deeply.

If you’ve been practicing yoga with me for a while, I’d love to know – has yoga changed other areas of your life that you didn’t expect?

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