10 minute yoga for Mums – facing your fears and embracing vulnerability


Can I tell you a secret? I’ve spent a LOT of time in the past worrying about what others think of me. Will they think I’m I too fat? Too boring? Too silly? Too uncool?

Worrying about what others thought of me held me back from doing lots of things. I wouldn’t speak up when I needed to. I wouldn’t do what I wanted to do – in fear of being judged and made fun of. I missed opportunities because I help back in fear.

Last year putting videos of me teaching yoga on the internet felt incredibly scary. I felt inadequate – ‘who am I to be teaching this?’. I was afraid I’d be made fun of – ‘they’ll all laugh at me’. I didn’t even want to watch them myself – it made me uncomfortable to view myself and see all the ‘flaws’.

And yet I found myself in March last year, only 6 weeks postpartum (maybe still floating on a post-birth-empowered-I-am-woman-hear-me-roar-high) posting my very first video on the internet. It was baaaad. I filmed in on my iPhone – the ‘wrong way’ (lots of black space). I can see the nerves and the exhaustion and yet I did it anyway.

And none of my fears about it came true. NONE. Not a single one. In fact getting over that fear has opened up so many more amazing doors for me (like sharing this very experience with you now) that I’m a little annoyed at myself for sitting on the fear for so long.

So today I’d like to ask you – what are you afraid of? What is the one thing you’ve been not doing (but desperately want to) because you are afraid of what others will think?

Grab a pen and see if you can free-write (write and don’t think) about everything that makes up that fear. What do you think will happen if you do it? What’s the worst case scenario? What is likely to happen (hint – it’s usually nothing like we fear).

Then try today’s yoga class which is all about facing your fears in balance poses. To put my money where my mouth is I fall over ALL THE TIME in this video. I desperately wanted to re-shoot it but another one of my fears is around perfectionism and making things perfect before I release them, so here I am working on that one too.

What are you afraid of?

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