10 Minute Yoga for Mums – connect with your core

connect with your core


Do you feel like you know how to connect with your core needs or do you struggle to even know what you want anymore?


In the busy-ness of family life we often forget that we need to show ourselves a lot of self-care so that we can keep giving and caring for our little ones and partners. If we don’t keep filling our own cup we end up serving in a way that becomes resentful because we literally don’t have anything left-over to give.


I talk about this because it is my greatest lesson (and one that I continue having to re-learn as it would seem.)
know I need to take time for myself but it often gets pushed to the bottom of the pile.


know that I need to ask for help but I don’t always – instead preferring to ‘push on’ and just ‘get it done’.


know I need to let go of unrealistic expectations and yet I often find myself clinging to crazy ideas that just end up leaving me burn out.
So won’t you take this vow with me this year.  To serve from the overflow.  If your cup is only half full of water you can’t share it with anyone, you need that for yourself.  But if your cup of water is overflowing you can share freely from the overflow. (The beautiful Melissa Ambrosini described it in this way and it’s the best analogy for self-care that I’ve heard.)


So I want you to vow to make sure your cup is overflowing with self-love and care this year.  Take some time today to write your list of things that make you feel loved, cared for and just plain good.  Write the things you will do just for you this year. If you join the 14 day reset I have planners and templates specifically for this.
Then I want you to stick your list somewhere you will see it every day and do one right away.  Then whenever you feel yourself starting to doubt or resent, or just feel plain over it, come back to your list and fill up your cup. Simple really, but we too often forget.


My yoga practice for you today is also about connecting to the physical core and the centre of ourselves.  If we are strong and centred we can serve from a strong and balanced place, rather than from a place of lack. Try this class and join the reset for the other 13 days of ten minute yoga designed to help you reset bad habits and start creating your best year yet.


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