10 minute yoga – finding balance

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Most days I feel I’m juggling a billion different things (kids, work, family, chores, exercise, friends, this little blog, ME, etc, etc.) and despite trying to keep all the balls in the air, at any given time something is usually on the floor.  (Again, usually ME).


If I’m doing well at work, or putting a lot of time in just playing with the boys, I often feel like I’m ‘failing’ somewhere else. IE. The house is usually falling apart and there is no food left in the fridge.


I often read articles and books about how to ‘balance it all’, how to ‘do it all’ and how to ‘succeed at everything’.  I’m sure you’ve seen them floating around too. Well… I call bull sh*t to that.


Can we just take a minute to recognise the fact that perfect balance doesn’t exist. It is unlikely you’ll ever get to a place where everything in your life will fit into neat little boxes.


And that’s ok – that’s just this big beautiful messy thing we call life.


We can however practice seeking balance by being conscious of how we spend our time rather than simply repeating the same old routines every day.


It can be helpful to do a little time audit of how you spend your day. Simply write down everything you do today and how long you spend doing it. (You may need to do this over a course of a couple of days to get a clear picture).


Once you’ve got a clear picture of how you spend your day, cross-check this with your goals.


Does the way you spend your time actually reflect your priorities or are you wasting it with distraction?


I’m looking at YOU Facebook.


If you find you have some mismatches it might be time to start designing your days a little differently.


Disconnect the TV.


Delete social media off your phone. (This has been a GAME CHANGER for me this year.  I’ve said a big HELLO to books again!)


Hire a cleaner.


Whatever you need to do to swing your time back to the things you actually want to be doing.


So whilst we’re on this topic – today’s yoga class is also about balance.


As you’ll see in the video in our yoga practice it is also about seeking balance not always about doing it perfectly.


Every day you’ll have different challenges that put your balance off (lack of sleep, feeling unwell, high energy, low energy).


The practice (and life) is simply responding to those challenges and continuing to always seek balance.


I hope you enjoy this class. This is day 7 of the 14 Day Yoga Reset that will be running for free all year.  If you’d like to receive all the videos and emails you can sign up here. http://eepurl.com/bI5_uH


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