Calm the monkey mind & a yoga class for upper body strength


Have you heard of the monkey mind? Those incessant little thoughts that jump around all day in your brain and make it hard for you to focus on anything.


It was first explained to me when someone was explaining mindfulness. They said, ‘don’t think of Monkey’s.’ which of course meant that everyone in the room was now imagining a furry little fella jumping about in their heads.


Trying to slow down the thoughts and ‘stop thinking’ in meditation is exactly the same. Trying to think your way into not thinking is totally insane.  All you’ll do is keep thinking. (Yes I do realise I’ve said ‘thinking’ far too many times in that last sentence).


So maybe we don’t start there. Maybe we try to calm the monkey mind just be being aware of the thoughts rather than trying to change them. And what if instead of getting lost in them, you just watched them?


Why is over-thinking a problem? It’s just plain stressful.  It stops you from being able to focus on any one thing at a time and makes you feel scattered and overwhelmed.


The yoga class I’m sharing with you below focuses on building the upper body strength you need to lug children (and all their paraphernalia) around.


But I’d like to issue you a challenge today as well.   I want you to try and practice being aware of your thoughts as you move.


Notice what comes up.


Are you lost in self-criticism or worry?


Are you re-running past conversations that can’t be changed or rehearsing future conversations that may or may not happen?


Just notice what your mind does for a couple of minutes and then see if you can start to quieten it down.


Let thoughts drift through your mind like clouds.


Let them pass by without getting caught up in them.  Which by the way, will probably happen. I do it all the time.


The practice is in being gentle with yourself, coming back to the breath, focusing, and then quietening down again.


So go on, give it a try and let me know how you go. Monkey mind? Or calm bliss?




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