TTC and OVER everything and everyone? Read this…

I know what it feels like when you’re TTC and feeling over everything and everyone.

Over the misinformed advice of “Just RELAX” and “Just stop trying and you’ll fall pregnant.”

Over literally every single woman in your immediate circle suddenly announcing their pregnancy.

Over the rollercoaster of emotions each month.

Over feeling alone in this.

Over feeling constantly anxious and on edge.

Just over it.

I remember when I was going through this, I felt so trapped by my situation. I wanted a baby so badly but I also didn’t want to feel so shit all the time.

Yoga is honestly the only thing that got me through. It helped me to manage the rollercoaster of negative emotions and find a steady ground to walk through this challenging time on. If you’re feeling like this today. Try the full yoga practice below or if you don’t have time, these three yoga tools are a quick way to discharge negative emotions.

trying to conceive

3 ways to shift negative emotions when you’re TTC

Deep belly breathing

Look, I know I probably rant and rave about this yoga tool, but it’s only because it works so well and you can literally do it anywhere. Breathing deeply into your belly tells your body that it’s safe to relax.

When you’re feeling stressed, sad and anxious your body is on high alert. It thinks there is some sort of danger that we need to escape from. That’s literally why you feel ansty and snappy at everyone around you.

If you’re feeling like this, stop what you’re doing and bring your hands to your belly. Take a full deep breath in filling up your entire belly. Hold your breath for a moment and then exhale as slowly as you possibly can. Try to repeat this for five more breaths and then notice how you feel.

A bit better right?


Talking or (writing about) how you feel is a great way to shift negative emotions. One of the problems I find a lot however is that some women feel like they don’t have anyone in their lives who understands. If you don’t have anyone in your life who ‘gets it’, feel free to reach out to me and send me an email. You’ll be amazed by how much better you feel just by getting it all out of you and having someone who understands hearing your story.

Shake it off

Moving our bodies is literally one of the best ways to shake off negative emotions. Don’t feel you have to restrict yourself to typical exercise either to do this either.

Have a pillow punching party to discharge your rage when you feel it.

Dance around your living room like a maniac to get rid of your anxiety.

LET YOURSELF have a weeping, sobbing cry when you feel you need to.

Of course you could also use types of exercise to shake off emotion too.

Running was my go to after my three losses. There was something about the intensity of running that I found helped when I was feeling really sad.

Yoga (of course) is a powerful healing tool for when you’re feeling shitty. The movement, combined with the focus on your breath will help you to feel so much lighter afterwards. (I’ve created a fertility class specifically for this below if you’d like to try one today).

Even just walking for twenty minutes can boost your mood immensely.

Most importantly I think it’s important to realise you don’t have to suffer through these feelings alone. Reach out. Talk to someone. Find a way to enjoy this experience, rather than just suffering through it.

If you’re wanting more yoga for trying to conceive, I’d recommend one of my four part series as you get a class for each of the different stages of your cycle.

I have a regular four part series or a goodnight series.

New to fertility yoga? Start by downloading my free fertility yoga guide.

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