Pregnancy pigmentation – how to get rid of it naturally

pregnancy pigmentation

Pregnancy pigmentation is yet another fun side effect of pregnancy, isn’t it? It’s like, the leaking body, the joints that don’t hold together in quite the same way and the baby brain weren’t enough… here have some dark spots all over your face as well.

It’s caused by pregnancy hormones that make you more susceptible to sun damage, so you’re going to bet my number one piece of advice is going to be about wearing sunscreen and trying to avoid the sun as much as you can when you’re pregnant.

But I get it. I live near the beach and have very active kids too, so much as I tried to prevent melasma in my last pregnancy it didn’t entirely work.

A few months ago, I asked for advice on my Instagram for some natural products to treat pregnancy pigmentation. La Mav was recommended and I’ve been using them for the last 6 months. They’re SO good.

I’ve made a little video with all the details of what I’ve been using and I’ve got a La Mav brightening kit (worth $260) to give away – so check out the video below.

What is your least favourite side effect of pregnancy?

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