The power of women’s circles

power of women's circles


Early last year I started running women’s circles at Zenko where I teach yoga. I’d always been interested in the idea from what I’d read of red tent gatherings and after not being able to find a local circle that felt like the right fit for me, I decided to just create my own.


Right from the start we got a great turn out. It was pretty clear that a space where women could turn up and just be and share whatever they were feeling was something that many of us needed and wanted in our lives.


I think many of us are just sick of pretending.  We’re sick of feeling like we’re the only one and that we have to plaster the ‘it’s ok, I’m happy and have my shit together’ face on when how we really feel is so far from this.


The most common feedback has been that it’s just so nice to feel normal.  It’s so comforting to know that you’re not the only one who feels like you’re battling against yourself or life.   It’s helpful to hear that we fight the same internal demons (those nasty little inner critics that run around in our brains) and that we often struggle with the same things.


Even though every woman who turns up to circles has her own unique story, there is always a common thread between us all, almost as if by magic.  In this way circles have also taught me to trust that whoever needs to show up, will. We’ve had huge circles of 25 and small circles of 8 and each time the right combination of women are always there. I’ve lost count of the number of times, one person puts the call out for help with something and the exact person she needs is sitting next to her in the circle. We’ve had young girls come along with their Mums and women in their 70s show up in all their power.


When I first started circles I had no idea of the year I was about to have. I had no idea that in starting these circles I was actually creating the exact support system that I would need in the coming months.


I only missed facilitating two circles last year. Both times because they fell within days of losing my babies.  Both times the women of these circles still showed up and held circle for ME.  They sent me love in our opening meditation and despite the shittiest of shitty year that was 2016, I’ve never felt more connected, supported and held.  And that’s a bloody big call I think.


I think that also perfectly captures the essence of our circles. Whilst yes, I run them and create the space each month, everyone who shows up is equally as important. Whether you decide to share in circle, or simply sit and listen.  The energy of women gathering together is in itself powerful.  I think there is a strong movement back to women becoming support systems for each other rather than continuing to compete with each other in a masculine world, and it’s an exciting thing to be a part of.


In just a year I’ve seen women who were afraid to do what they really want to do, take the plunge head first into a whole new occupation and completely own it. 


I’ve seen women on healing journeys finding the support they’ve been looking for.


I’ve seen women who were afraid to admit they didn’t think they were on the right path, discover the power of embracing themselves in the not-knowing.


I’ve seen women who have previously battled with their bodies, slowly start to find a new acceptance.


I’ve seen a woman come to every circle and sit silently until one night she finally shared her story of struggle.  The very next month she came back to us with news that she had finally made progress, doors were opening and she could finally see the light again.


I myself have bawled and been held.  But I’ve also held others as they’ve cried and then laughed at how they didn’t want to ‘ugly cry’ here.  Bring on the ugly crying I say! 


I can’t tell you how much power there is to be found in a women’s circle. But can I suggest that you really should find out for yourself. Whether you find a local circle to go to, make your own official group or just gather your girlfriends around regularly, they really are life changing when it comes to feeling supported through all of it.


Have you ever been to a Women’s Circle?


Psst. I’m currently creating something really exciting behind the scenes for those of you interested in holding your own women’s circles in your area.  The Women’s Circle Academy is launching in May 2017.  We’ll be kicking off with a program that includes everything you need to set up your own abundant circles and you’ll also receive ongoing resources each month to support you.  I can’t wait for the WC Academy to be ready because I’m busting to share it with you.  If this is something you’re interested in you can sign up here to be the first to hear when the doors open. Or follow Women’s Circle Academy on Facebook or Instagram. 

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