What if we all just stopped pretending that we’re all doing a…o…kay…

stop pretending


How are you doing?

Good thanks, you?


Hey how are ya?

Oh you know… the usual…


How have you been?

Great! What about you?


What have you been up do?

Oh just busy, busy… you know…


How’s things?

Fine thanks, you?


What if instead of answering with these stock standard answers we just showed up with total honesty.  And no, I’m not talking about sharing your deepest darkest troubles with the 14 year old checkout chick, but what if we were straight up honest with those close to us?


How different would our world be if it were acceptable to not be ok all the time. And heaven forbid, actually talk about not being ok, in the same way we talk about all the great things we were doing in our lives.


What if instead of only talking about the bad stuff when we crash and burn and desperately need help, we shared little bits of our heart every day?


How would it feel to know that everyone is struggling with something, instead of only seeing the glossy shiny version of their life that they project to the outside world?


What if we could share our darkness over coffee instead of only in lettered meetings, counselling sessions or women’s circles?


How would our struggles and darkness feel, if we regularly openly shared them in the light of day? I’m guessing… less scary, more normal, less lonely, more manageable, less all-consuming, more


These thoughts were swirling around my head after our last women’s circle (I’m always up late on those nights with a post circle high).  I don’t make magic in those circles – all I do is open up a safe space for women to share how they’re really feeling.


It feels like magic because it is so freeing to be able to speak openly, to hear that everyone else is fighting their own battle, to know how willing other people are to help if you give them the chance, to know that their inner critic says the same nasty bullshit as yours and that just by giving voice to our burdens we make them feel a whole lot lighter.


So I’d love to ask you… how are you really doing? Feel free to email me via the form below or if you’re feeling brave leave me a message on social media.


If you’re Sunshine Coast based I run women’s circles in Buddina at Zenko Yoga on the first Friday of every month.  If you’re not local you can join my Online Yoga Circle where we have a monthly ONLINE circle that you can join us for (you also get access to all of my online yoga classes and resources).  Start your free 30 day trial here today. 



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