Yoga for breastfeeding Mums

yoga for breastfeeding mums


Today I’m sharing a little yoga for breastfeeding mums class with you. If you’re feeding all day everyday, it’s not uncommon for the upper back, shoulders and neck to become so tight that you feel constant tension in this area.  This can also mean that your lower back gets sore because you need to bend somewhere and if everything else is jammed this part of the back is going to have to take all the work.


I’ve made a little yoga flow for you today to help you ease up the tension in the neck and shoulders. This flow will also help to open up the chest and lungs which can help if you’re feeling low on energy (which of course you bloody are, because you’re not getting any sleep and feeling a little one around the clock.) Even if you can only do a couple of poses to open up after each time you feed your little one you’ll notice a huge difference in how you feel overall.


I’ve had a number of Mums also complaining that they can’t do yoga when they’re feeding because strong arm exercises mean they end up with mastitis. If this is the case for you, we stay away from strong arm poses in this class so you’re sweet.


I hope you enjoy this flow!

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