Yoga for running Mums

yoga for running

Are you a runner?


I have to admit, I have a love / HATE relationship with running. It is the exercise I do when I’m in crisis.  I did it a lot when Andrew and I separated.  I’ve done it in the weeks following each of our three losses. Who knows, maybe one day I will find a love for it that doesn’t rely on the fact that I use it to escape but for now, it’s the exercise I do when I feel like I need to shake off some heavy stuff.


I had a request from one of the ladies in my Online Yoga Circle the other day, asking for some yoga to soothe the body after running. Because let’s be real – running is a high intensity and high IMPACT exercise.


There are a lot of things you need to check before getting back to running after having a baby.  Pelvic floor, core and back are the big ones. If you haven’t already make sure you check out the videos on my Online Yoga Circle that run you through checking the strength of these areas first.


Then if you’re all set to go, I’ve created this yoga class for you to practice after you go for that run.  It will help ease out the muscles of the leg, particularly the quads, hips, calves and glutes.  We’ll also talk about self care at the end because even though running might be a type of mental health care for you, you also need to take some extra care of the body after.


I hope you enjoy today’s class. See you on your mat.


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PS. Why does youtube choose the absolute worst freeze frame to feature?!


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