Help!? How can I get a posterior baby to turn?

posterior baby to turn


How can I get a posterior baby to turn?


I was asked this question by one of the Mums in my community the other day and thought I’d share it here as well, because I’m sure there are others who might need this info one day.


A posterior position means that the baby is back-to-back with you.  Their head is down but their back is pressing on your back.


The ideal position for birth is anterior because this means their  back is to your belly and as they move down the birth passage they can follow the natural curve of your body.


Posterior positioning can mean that you’re more uncomfortable during pregnancy and birth as the baby’s head presses on your back rather than on the cervix to move labour along.


In many cases babies will turn on their own before labour, but there are some positions you can use to encourage this to happen.


You want to create space in the belly for the baby to turn rather than opening up the pelvis which can encourage the baby’s head to engage. (Once the head engages the baby is less likely to turn.)


Watch the video below to learn some poses you can do to create this space and a method to encourage a posterior baby to turn during labour if they still haven’t turned by then.


Give it a try and let me know how you go.


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