First Trimester Pregnancy Yoga (4-6 weeks)

first trimester pregnancy yoga


The first trimester is an interesting time isn’t it?


You’re bloated and swollen, but not big enough yet for people to be able to tell that you’re pregnant.


You’re exhausted down to your bones and are probably sleeping for 10+ hours a day (Or if you can’t manage that, dreaming of it at least).


Your morning sickness had made you decide that this phrase was most definitely coined by a man, because yours lasts all day and night.


You find yourself crying over corny ads, running out of your favourite juice and forgetting to message your BFF for her birthday.


You may even be wondering how you’re going to make it through another 35-ish weeks of this.


I know.  But you’ll get there. Even if it is in a sleepy-hormonal haze.



First trimester pregnancy yoga is:

+ super gentle (this is not the time to be stressing the body out in any way)

+ designed to help you relax

+ suitable for all stages of pregnancy


Basically, first trimester pregnancy yoga is the perfect way to look after your very tired, possibly nauseous, rapidly changing bod. Try this free little flow below today.



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