Fertility yoga after ovulation – what should you avoid?

Many women avoid exercise, even fertility yoga, after ovulation because they are worried that they’ll do something that might impact their chances of falling pregnant.

I understand this. I’ve even been too afraid to move myself at times during my TTC journey. However, I wish I could sing it from the rooftops now – fertility yoga after ovulation can IMPROVE your chances of falling pregnant. And best of all – it’s going to help you not go full on bonkers crazy while you’re waiting. (Again, I speak from personal experience).

So while all of my fertility yoga classes are designed for a specific stage in your cycle, I know that some of you are wanting to attend regular yoga classes in your area.

I want to encourage you to do that (because NOTHING beats a real life yoga community. So these things below are what you should avoid and keep in mind when you’re practicing fertility yoga after ovulation. (If you prefer to watch the video you can find it at the end of this post).

fertility yoga after ovulation

It should restore you, not deplete you

During ovulation and the two week wait you want to conserve your energy for growing the very early stages of your baby. Because of this, yoga at this time should leave you feeling restored and energised, not depleted or burnt out.

The type of yoga class (or even exercise) that gives you this feeling will be different for everyone. Some women will feel depleted after a strong vinyasa class, while others will feel energised by it. Some women will find a restorative class a struggle for their anxiety, while others will revel in the stillness. Find what works for you.

Avoid compressing the belly

Because we’re hoping that you are pregnant, it’s best to assume that you are until proven otherwise. This means you should avoid compressing the belly during your yoga class.* Eg. Avoid lying on the belly or closed twists where the belly is pressed into the thigh.

*You’re unlikely to cause any damage to the tiny embryo as they’re so well protected within the womb, but for your own comfort and to ensure blood and energy flows freely we avoid compression.

Don’t let yourself get too hot 

When you’re practicing fertility yoga after ovulation (and during pregnancy yoga) we avoid getting too hot. So needless to say, hot yoga is out until after you’ve delivered your baby.

This doesn’t however mean that you can’t do a challenging class. Just be mindful of your own practice and come to rest whenever you feel yourself getting too hot or losing your breath.

Avoid anything that creates pain in your body

This one should go without saying, AND applies to yoga of any kind (not just fertility yoga). You might feel a level of discomfort during a yoga class (eg. muscles stretching or contracting), however pain is always a sign to back off and/ or stop. Fertility yoga is an invitation to start being gentle and nurturing towards your own body so that you can create the best environment to conceive a baby. Pain is definitely not a part of that.

Now that you know what to steer clear of during fertility yoga after ovulation, I hope that you find a chance to practice soon. If you’re looking for a class specific for this stage of your cycle you can find one here.

Brand new to fertility yoga? You might like to start by downloading my free fertility yoga guide here.

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