For those of you still waiting for your baby this Christmas

Christmas is a really hard time of year when you’re still waiting for your baby.

2016 was my hardest Christmas.  We’d lost Orion in May.  His due date was October. I’d fallen pregnant again in September and lost our second baby in early December.

I just remember this overwhelming feeling that there was someone missing.  Of course, I already had my two beautiful boys who were my light. So I can’t even imagine how hard it must be for those of you who have been trying for years and are going through yet another Christmas without any children.

It’s so hard watching on as everyone else is playing happy families at Christmas and you’re still waiting for yours. Or perhaps you’re starting to feel unsure that you’ll ever even get yours at all.

Even now with my rainbow baby in my arms, Christmas still brings up a lot of emotion for me. For some reason it’s special occasions like Christmas that make me reflect on my babies that I lost.

still waiting for your baby

Last year I shared a meditation for those you still in the waiting, but this year I wanted to create a yoga class for you. 

You can use this class throughout the holiday season whenever you feel sad, overwhelmed or like it’s all just becoming too much. 

Movement with intention is the best way to shift uncomfortable sensations in the body. So in this class we use movement and breath to try and shake out some of the blah feelings that Christmas can bring up when you’re still waiting for your baby. 

Please allow yourself to experience any emotions that come up during this class. Try not to deny anything. Feel sorry for yourself. Cry. Rage. Whatever you need to do. 

I’m sending love and hope to you this Christmas season. xxx

If you enjoy this fertility yoga class and would like more to practice – start by downloading my free fertility yoga guide here.

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