Feel more ‘like you’ after having a baby

after having a baby


After having a baby your body often feels foreign.  The soft squishy belly. The weak pelvic floor. Hips that ache.  Shoulders that pinch with tightness. And that’s before we even get into the fact that you’re incredibly sleep deprived.


It’s no wonder that we can feel a little lost in our own selves after having a baby.


First time round I remember feeling unsure if I would ever feel like myself again.  By my third baby, I have a pretty good road map for getting back there but it’s still a slow road.


Feeling like myself again requires:


+ eating well

+ gentle yoga and pilates to strengthen my core, pelvic floor and hips

+ movement to sweat daily (or as close to as possible)

+ laughter

+ doing things I love every day (even if it’s as small as reading one page of a book)

+ time by myself every week (even if it’s only an hour)

+ switching off technology when I’m feeling overwhelmed

+ writing


While I can’t help you with all of these things, if you’re early post-baby like me – perhaps you’d like a gentle core strengthening flow to practice like the one below. This sort of class will help your body regain the strength you’ve lost over the last year or so and hopefully help you to start feeling like yourself again.


What helps you feel more like you after having a baby?



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