How to stop hating your body for infertility



When you’re struggling with infertility you can easily find yourself hating your body. It can feel like your fault, like you’re somehow failing, as a woman, as a partner.


I get it.


I blamed my body for our three losses for a long time. Until I realised it wasn’t helping AT ALL and was actually making the whole process a lot worse.


In this video I’m sharing how to love your body (or at least to let go of the hate) when you’re struggling to conceive.  Watch the video or read on for why I think you need to find a way to love your body when you’re trying to conceive and how to get there when you’ve been struggling.


Why you need to stop hating your body for infertility


Hate = neglect

I honestly believe that we are most fertile when everything is in balance.  But if you’re busy hating your body for what you think it can’t do, the chances are you won’t be looking after yourself all that well.  Which means you’re probably not going to eat the right food or move in a way they makes you feel good – all which are obviously really important when you’re trying to conceive.



How to love your body when you’re struggling to conceive


Focus on what your body can do

Instead of obsessing about what your body can’t do, see if you can focus on what it can do instead. (I know, easier said than done right?)  


Keep living and loving your life – book that holiday, buy the outfit, go for the promotion, challenge your body in a way that feels fun.


Take exquisite care of your body

Western medicine often only looks at one part of the body when there is illness or a problem of some sort. So when you’re struggling to conceive they only seem interested in looking at your lady bits.  I think the eastern view of health is more accurate. They believe the whole system has to working well together.


So if you want your reproductive system to work as it should you need to look into (and look after) your WHOLE body, not just ovaries, womb, etc. How can you be taking better care of your whole body?


Be your body’s best lover

What does your lover think of your body? What if you adopted their view of your body instead of your own negative opinion and treated your body as you would a lover?


We’re often our own worst critic when it comes to our bodies, and that’s before we have difficulty trying to conceive.  I know it’s hard when you feel like your body is failing you but maybe you can start loving your body with action and the mindset will start to follow.


Give yourself a massage.

Buy the expensive moisturiser.

Treat yourself to healthy delicious food.

Get those treatments you’ve been putting off.


How do you feel about your body?


Want to learn more about my fertility journey? Watch the video here.

Want my free fertility yoga guide? Download it here. 

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