How to stop obsessing when you’re trying to fall pregnant

trying to fall pregnant

When you’re trying to fall pregnant it can start to become allll that you think about.  I’ve definitely been there. I stopped being able to think or plan for anything other than when I might be pregnant, how far along I might be or when a baby might arrive. It definitely wasn’t healthy for me and meant for a good long while there I really wasn’t enjoying life.


In today’s video I’m sharing how to stop obsessing when you’re trying to fall pregnant and why you need to. Watch below and then I’d love to know in the comments whether you found yourself obsessing when trying to conceive?

How to stop obsessing when you’re trying to fall pregnant


Keep living your exciting wonderful life

While it may feel tempting to – don’t put life on hold when you’re trying to conceive.  Keep doing all the things you would normally do. Keep living your wonderful life. Book that holiday. Go for the promotion. Have sex, just for the fun of it. Trust me, life is FAR more enjoyable if you let trying to conceive be just a part of your life, not consuming your life.


Dedicate rituals / practices to focus on trying to conceive

This may seem counter intuitive, but I recommend working into your day a ritual or practice that is solely focused on trying to conceive.  For me, it was during my yoga and meditation practice that I used meditation and mantra to focus my thoughts on the positive.  I visualised the outcome I wanted. I let myself daydream and plan and wander to what I hoped life would look like. And then when the time was over I would consciously stop. Having this dedicated time meant that for the rest of the day I didn’t need to think or obsess about it.


Try not to fall down the google hole

I’m sure you know the google hole well. In fact, perhaps that particular habit has brought you to my blog in the first place. Constantly searching for answers online, reading other peoples (often negative) stories and obsessing over everything to do with trying to fall pregnant is not healthy (or enjoyable).  Trust me, googling ‘early pregnancy symptoms’ for the hundredth time during your two week wait isn’t actually going to help you fall pregnant any faster. Step away from google my friend.


Trust that you’re doing everything you can and that your baby is coming

Finding that trust, that knowing, that your baby is coming is honestly the hardest thing to do. After three losses it took me a long time to get to that place where I found my faith in this again.  I think it is so important for your nervous system though, to be able to get to a place of acceptance, where you no longer feel that panicked feeling of ‘I must do all of the things right now or I’m never going to be pregnant’.


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