How to deal with anxiety during the two week wait

anxiety during the two week wait

Anxiety during the two week wait can be a really horrible experience when you’re up against infertility, or even if it’s just taking a lot longer than you expected. I know there were many months when I really struggled with anxiety during this time.

It wasn’t until I really started consciously trying to not get stressed in any way, that I realised how stressed I’d previously been.

So I want to share with you today my tips for dealing with anxiety during the two week wait, but I’d also love to hear what you’ve found helps the most too. Share your ideas in the comments with us.

You can either watch the video below or keep scrolling to read my tips.

How to deal with anxiety during the two week wait

Keep living rather than obsessing

It can be tempting to give up plans to socialise or not do anything new ‘just in case’ you’re pregnant but this makes the two week wait even more difficult to get through. You’re better off staying busy and continuing to live and do all the things that you enjoy rather than waiting around for signs and symptoms of pregnancy, or peeing on yet another stick.

Write a happy list and work through it

One way to stay focused on living rather than obsessing is to write yourself a happy list and keep working through it. Basically, a happy list is just a list of things that you want to do for no other reason than they make you feel good.  I wrote myself one here if you’d like to check it out for some ideas. 

Stay positive

I know, I know. Staying positive can be really hard when it feels like it’s never going to happen for you. But I honestly believe that we get back what we put out there. I started working with positive mantra and affirmations every day first thing in the morning and they really helped me to get out of the hole I was in last year after our losses and start focusing on positives and possibilities again. We do more work with positive affirmations and mantras in my Fertility Yoga Course if you want more info on this.


Of course you knew I was going to mention this one, right?! Some people avoid all activity during the two week wait because they’re worried that they can’t do it just in case they’re pregnant.  But as long as you are doing the right type of yoga*, you won’t hurt your chances of conceiving (and most likely will improve them).  Yoga is great at relieving anxiety during the two week wait because it focuses on the breath which tells your nervous system to calm the heck down! The physical movement is also good for shifting negative emotions and stress in the body.

*If you’ve been having trouble conceiving I’d avoid strong vinyasa styles or anything that heats the body up too much.

Trust in divine timing

This one might be a bit a ‘woo woo’ for you but hear me out.  If you can give up trying to control WHEN it happens you can actually enjoy the process a whole lot more because you don’t have to obsess or stress about what you should be doing.  If you can find a way to trust that your baby is in fact coming to you, then you don’t have to stress about the details.  Of course, you still keep doing all the ‘right’ things that you’ve been doing but you can do it from a place of trusting that your baby is coming, rather than feeling fearful that it will never work for you.

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