25 self care ideas for pregnancy

self care ideas for pregnancy


I don’t know about you but when I’m pregnant my self-care is even worse than usual. With two kids already, that basically means when I’m pregnant it’s non-existent.


Which is crazy, right? ┬áThis is a time when I SHOULD be looking after myself even better because I’m pregnant.


Instead I’m finding just getting through the stuff that has to be done, like cooking and making sure we have clean clothes is about the extent of my energy levels and after that I can’t even muster up the energy to do anything for myself. So mostly I lay on the couch and watch something on netflix. Which while that’s good in itself, I am starting to feel like I need to be looking after myself a bit better.


So here are 25 self-care ideas for you that won’t take much time or energy. Yes I’m 100% putting them here as a list for myself.


25 self care ideas for pregnancy


  1. Go for a slow waddle walk somewhere beautiful. (Beach, park, rainforest)
  2. Switch off phone for an entire weekend.
  3. Put a face mask on. (My skin is taking a beating this pregnancy!)
  4. Get a pregnancy massage.
  5. Go on a solo date.
  6. Sit in the sunshine for an entire afternoon and read a good / trashy / don’t need to think book.
  7. Buy something to wear that makes you feel amazing. (It can pjs as long as you love them!)
  8. Have a bath with oils, candles and your favourite music.
  9. Have a ‘proper movie night’. (Not just pick something from netflix – but popcorn, dessert and a good move planned too)
  10. Take a whole hour for yoga.
  11. Order in your favourite (not anyone else’s) take-away.
  12. Organise so that you get a sleep in.
  13. Go out for dessert (only)
  14. Write yourself a happy list and do something off it today.
  15. Schedule the whole afternoon ‘off’ to do what ever you please.
  16. Make / create something you been wanting to do for a while.
  17. Do a yoga nidra (meditation).
  18. Read a magazine cover to cover (Remember magazines before blogs? I miss them)
  19. Make and drink a delicious mocktail.
  20. Go see a comedy show or movie with a friend who always makes you laugh.
  21. Find a way to drink more water that feels indulgent. (the glass, smash it with fruit and ice, etc)
  22. Have an acupuncture session purely for relaxation.
  23. Book a night away in a fancy hotel. Take a long bath. Order room service.
  24. Make a meal of your favourite comfort foods.
  25. Hire someone else to clean your house top to bottom.


Do you have any favourite self care activities that you like to do when you’re pregnant? Share them with me?

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