Why choose a Blessingway over a baby shower


With my first pregnancy I had the ‘traditional’ baby shower.  (Actually I had two – one with my family on the coast and one with friends out west – because I’m greedy like that! ha!)

Both were really fun – we did the typical silly games and I was spoiled beyond belief with presents for the baby.  There was some talk of birth and motherhood, but mostly in a joking sort of way and mostly they were just focused on the baby.

This time I was lucky enough to have a very small circle of women throw me a Blessingway and I have never felt more connected to the feminine in my life than I do right now.  And not just to the women who were there, though I was certainly moved to tears by each and every one of them, their words on motherhood and life and support. But also to the important women in my life who weren’t there and to the collective experience of mothers everywhere.

We started in a circle with a meditation where every woman was invited to send me loving energy and I was invited to receive it.  Each woman was then passed a piece of string to wrap around her wrist and took it in turns to introduce ourselves through our maternal line (to recognise the women who came before us).  With each turn these women offered me words of wisdom from their mothering experience, on birth, and encouragements of support and also gave me something small to take with me to the birth to remind me of our collective strength (a crystal, a shell or stone).  By the end of the circle we were all connected by the piece of string, which was then cut and a small piece was left tied to each woman’s wrist.  The intention is that when I go into labour, each woman will cut their string and light a candle for me, sending me their love and strength.

After the circle we shared food and stories and some wrote quotes and words of strength on pieces of card for me to read leading up to the birth.   I even scored a mini Reiki session from one of my friends which has me intrigued to try a full session.

If I’m ever crazy enough to do this all over again with #3, I would definitely choose a Blessingway over a baby shower (and it wasn’t just because I got to wear the head crown of flowers my inner hippy wishes she could get away with wearing every day).  I also want to throw one of these for every one of my friends who now falls pregnant (watch out ladies!).

I’m so ready for baby boy to arrive now.  Come on baby…!

Did you have a baby shower or a Blessingway?

8 Responses to “Why choose a Blessingway over a baby shower

  • That sounds so beautiful…I got chills just reading about it.
    I am so excited for you…I know I keep saying it but I really am!
    I think because I want to do it all over again! So I am planning on birthing vicariously through you! Ha ha!

    • littleoldsouls@hotmail.com
      9 years ago

      Haha! I think you’re just still pumping on the happy hormones from your own recent birthing! Maybe you’ll have to go round 3 to have it all over again. I am so ready for this baby! x

  • That sounds just beautiful! I didn’t have a baby shower or a bridal shower! I had a ‘Meet the Village’ for each of my girls AFTER they were born – afternoon tea (cause cooking 200 cupcakes a week after giving birth is always a good idea) with all my ‘village’ – family friends and workmates and just EVERYONE (a friend said it was more like ‘Meet NYC’!) and instead of a bridal shower I had a ‘Old Chooks Night’ – my mums friends hired a bus and took me to every place in my childhood/teenage years etc and ended where Dan proposed to me (that mosiac seat at Paddington) and we had cocktails and canapes…twas great! I like doing things a little outside of the ordinary! Now HAVE THIS BABY so I can buy him some books! Megan

    • littleoldsouls@hotmail.com
      9 years ago

      That’s just crazy! Why didn’t your ‘village’ cook for you?! Love the ‘old chooks night’ idea. I’ve given him his marching orders don’t worry! (But like his brother, he already isn’t listening!).

  • This will sound ungrateful, but I had the worst babyshower. It was organised as a surprise by one of Justin’s work mates. But because she did not know me, it was so not me all over. Even the food, all savory dishes contained garlic. Both Tamika and I are allergic.
    I just wish you had thrown it for me instead, a blessingway sound more like me than what I had.

    • littleoldsouls@hotmail.com
      9 years ago

      I think it’s fine to say that whilst you appreciate the thought, it wasn’t really what you’re into. I wish I’d known you back then to throw it for you!

  • I had a blessing way with Eli (my second), and a baby shower with Lior (my first). The blessing way was beautiful. I asked everyone to bring me something from nature instead of a gift and I tied them into a mobile while I hung in my birth space and laboured under. It was really encouraging. My mum prayed for me, and it was just a really nice, peaceful time celebrating birth and being loved on!

    I would love to throw one for a friend one day!

    • littleoldsouls@hotmail.com
      9 years ago

      I love that idea of something from nature. I’m adding that one to my ideas list! I plan to throw one for all my friends!

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