10 minute yoga – baby wearing standing balance sequence

This week’s 10 minute yoga is a baby wearing standing balance sequence.  So we’re mostly on our feet or balancing on one foot. I’ve switched to using the Ergo for these instead of the wrap as it holds Rory more securely.  It didn’t really help with the heat factor. I was still dripping by the end of it. Nice, I know.


I never know how to introduce these things, so I’ll just get into four reasons why you should do this sequence, today.


Go on, what are you waiting for?


Why you should work on standing balances?

+ they help tone the whole body- you’ll notice all of your muscles working hard to keep you balanced when you’re on one leg!

+ they can help you focus when you’re feeling scattered

+ they build heat, fast (sweating is a good thing!)

+ they make cool party tricks – ha!



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