We’ve all been in that space. When you’re waiting for something to happen. Waiting for results. Waiting to hear what you want someone to say. Waiting to hear news. Waiting for all the hard work you’ve been doing to finally show results….


Let’s be honest. No matter how much we profess to being ok with waiting, it can actually really suck.


We wait anxiously to fall pregnant.

We wait nervously for babies to arrive.

We wait fearfully for test results, when a life literally hangs in the balance.

We wait angrily for our partners to get home, when we’re mad that they went out in the first place.

We wait excitedly for our big business idea to finally take off.

We wait for a distant friend to finally call us back.

We wait desperately for life to become a little less hard.

We wait for money to not be so tight.

We wait for children to grow so we can taste a tiny bit of freedom again….

We wait

We wait

We wait…


It can be depressing when you feel like your life is on hold.

It can feel like you have no control over what is happening and where it’s going.

It feels scary … and stressful. The negative kind of stress that you can’t do anything about, other than mull over and roll scenarios around in your head hoping for it to be the right one, but always secretly imagining the worse.


You’ve have probably slipped into talking about one day, someday, when, if…

Perhaps you’re questioning when it will happen or maybe you’ve started to doubt that it will ever happen at all?


That’s not a fun place to be, at all. That place of waiting is filled with negative self-talk. You start to explain to yourself why it hasn’t happened, and it must be your fault, right?


That of course, can be the only explanation. You. The problem must be you.


From there its a slippery spiral into victim-ville where you feel powerless to change anything yourself and so … you wait some more…


But there is a better way.


You can wake up and realise you do have control. Not of how life unfolds but of how you feel about what does. You can choose to be active in the periods of waiting.


Enjoy the downtime when you’re waiting for something big. Amp up your self-love and make sure you go into whatever adventure you’re waiting for – full up, rather than depleted from the stress and anxiety of worrying about whether the waiting would end.


Use the waiting to clear the clutter from your life. Clean up the crap from your house, your car, your body, heart and mind.


Make space for whatever it is you’re waiting for.


Want to make more money? Get the finances you have now in order, rather than waiting until you make it big. We can all be more conscious with how we spend our money now.

Want a new relationship? Do you have room in your life for one or is it full up with work, and social events and anything to keep yourself SO BUSY you don’t have to think about the missing relationship. Make space so they can come in.

Want more love? Make the space to give it to yourself. It can’t come in if you are so busy hating on yourself with that little internal voice.

And by amping up the self-love with positive self-talk and loving actions towards ourself we fill up. We become self-assured and less doubtful. We get to a place where we know that we are still waiting, that there are still things we want, but right here, right now, we’re ok too.


We become less crazed and desperate in our waiting, and more content and open to whatever happens.


We’re all waiting… but grateful to be doing so.


So tell me, what are you waiting for? x

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