Thank you for holding space for me

This last month has been one of the hardest of my life and I want to thank you for holding the space for me through this.

About a month ago, a dear friend of mine died tragically and unexpectedly giving birth.  

I’m not even sure how to write about this yet, or even what I want to say.  But I did just want to touch base and say; I’m still here – and thank you for all the love you’ve sent my way. 

So much about this loss has rocked my devotion to this business of mine. 

The way that she died has made thinking or talking about pregnancy or birth incredibly difficult. 

The fact that I started filming classes with her, has made turning on my camera something I’ve actively avoided. 

Even practising yoga, something I’ve always turned to when I’m struggling, hurts. 

And yet underneath all the pain I can hear her voice saying – ‘Use this. Just show up in the mess of it. Teach from this place. Honestly and with your whole heart.’  

Because that’s what she always did. She didn’t just teach yoga, she embodied the teachings of yoga.

I remember her saying to me after I lost each of my babies – ‘It doesn’t make sense now, but some day it will. Trust, breathe and let yourself feel it. The only way is through.’ 

So I’m going to try.  It might be a little messy and shaky at first. But I’m going to trust that we will get through. 

What can you expect from me going forward?

July Live Healing Circle

Our live circle for July is on the Wednesday 20th 7.30pm (AEST). We will come together for healing.  Whatever you need healing from, all are welcome. Thank you for allowing me to skip June’s circle as I wasn’t in the right space for facilitating. Our monthly live is open to all Online Yoga Circle members – you can join the circle here. 

Yoga videos back next week

I will be back sharing videos on my Youtube channel and in my Online Yoga Circle as of next week. I think the break has been really good for me. I feel like I have so much I want to share with you now. 

Motherhood and Business Coaching

I have one spot opening up at the start of August for my Motherhood and Business Mentoring. This is a 3 month program where I will walk beside you as you build your online business. 

In the last month I have done less than an hour each week in my business (just answering emails or sorting tech issues) and yet it has continued to earn as it usually does (strangely even a little bit more than usual.) The type of business I have created continues to serve, even when I can’t; and I’m so grateful to the past version of me who put in the work so that I can have the space now. 

20% off to say thank you

If you’ve been wanting something from my shop, you can use the code ‘thanks’ to receive 20%.  This includes all teacher trainings, coaching, one-on-one sessions and yoga series’.  (This code will expire in a week).

Thank you so much for being here, I really appreciate you. xx

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