Motherhood & Business Mentoring

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What is Motherhood and Business Mentoring?

Live, 1:1 3 month business mentoring for Mothers, or Mums-to-be.

This is for you if you:

  • want to create a business that supports you financially, or want support to grow your existing business
  • want to find a way to balance life and business, without feeling burnt out
  • are ready to say no to the hustle and yes to self-care and boundaries
  • value intuition, spirituality and your heart’s work, but also need to pay the bills
  • want to create space and presence in both your family life and business
  • are ready to invest in yourself personally and professionally

This is not for you if:

  • you’re looking to make 6 figures in 6 weeks (I teach slow growth sustainable online business practises)
  • you don’t want to put in consistent time weekly to do the work

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I want you to know that this isn’t your average business mentoring.


I don’t have a “6 figure formula” to sell you. (Though I do, most gratefully, make these numbers in my own business today.)


I don’t believe business is one-size-fits-all, or that you should even be aiming to ‘go viral’.


I believe business is about growth. Financially, yes. But also emotionally, physically and spiritually. My business has grown me, as much as I have grown it.


To me, business is personal.


I don’t believe that you need to burn yourself out to succeed in business. And I definitely don’t want you to miss the fleeting years when your babes are little, because you were too busy trying to keep up with some algorithm that doesn’t give a shit about you.


I also know the feeling of having a tiny baby in my arms, and still wanting more. I know the conflict of dreaming of days where you can devote to your work, while also feeling like you don’t want to miss a moment of this.


As mothers, our lives are seasonal. If you want to grow a thriving business alongside family life, your capacity for work will ebb and flow depending on the season.


My business has continued to grow through the heavy days of late pregnancy and through the sleepless nights of newborn life. It has supported me passively through periods of loss, when grief took hold and I could barely function, let alone work. Today it thrives alongside my busy, messy, wonderful life with three non-stop boys, and I couldn’t be more grateful.


This is because I have intentionally created my business to support the life that I want to live, not the other way around. 


Motherhood and business are sacred. It would be my honour to witness your growth in both of these spaces.


What does Motherhood and Business mentoring involve?

Over 6 virtual sessions together, we will journey through ideation to creation, to breathe life into the business of your dreams. We will lean into the feminine aspects of intuition and creativity to craft a business plan that will support your sacred role as mother, while also drawing on  masculine energy to create structure, routine and order.

This isn’t just head-based work. This work will ask you to consider your whole being. If your business is going to be sustainable it needs to honour your body, mind and spirit. Our sessions together will do exactly that. I won’t give everything away here… I’d love for you to start trusting what your body is telling you as you consider joining me for this process.


Do I have to know what my business is going to be before I join?

Absolutely not. The work we do together will be completely individualised for you.

If you have an idea already – we will work together to move from idea to action.

If you are unsure of what to do but are feeling called to business – we will do some personal growth work first to seek clarity.

If you already have a business but need help – our work will move through reflection first and then into expansion.


How much time will this involve?

Mentoring is 1:1 with me (Bettina!) for 1 hour fortnightly. After each session you will have tasks to complete to keep you moving forward.  However, honouring your time as a mother is key. The pace at which you move will be entirely up to your current season and we will discuss this in our sessions together.


Do I have to be a yoga teacher?

Definitely not. In the past I have worked with women who have backgrounds in nursing, education, counselling, marketing, physiotherapy and journalism.


Is this coaching about online or in-person business?

We will discuss both, depending on what you dream to create. My business has taken a variety of forms, has changed as my family has and I’m sure will continue to evolve in the future. I’ve run my own bricks and mortar yoga studio and created a thriving online community. I do one-on-one counselling work online and practise in-person session. I have a profitable Youtube channel and still teach in-person group classes. You don’t need to know exactly how this will work for you, we can discover this together.

Can I pay via payment plan?

Of course. We can work out a payment plan that works for you. Please reach out and we can organise via email –

Can I email you a question about this motherhood and business mentoring?







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  1. Helen

    Bettina this was amazing. We now feel ready to take the next steps in our business and reach goals we previously thought we’d never reach. The way you simplified the most complex of tasks was incredible. Before we started I often found myself overwhelmed with the amount we had to do as a small business getting off the ground. Thank you for holding our hand through the process and helping to make everything more streamlined. The best bit is that as our business has grown, my well-being has improved too. I couldn’t recommend this coaching enough!

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