Pregnancy Round Two. How it’s different.

pregnancy two different

Lots of people told me it would be totally different second time round and I sort of just nodded and smiled, in much the same fashion as I did when people told me having a baby was hard work.  Total in-denial naivete.


And yet here I am second time around finding myself exclaiming; “it wasn’t like this last time!?”


Choosing a Doctor and hospital.

Last time there was one doctor who was recommended in our closest town with a private hospital (1.5 hours away). So there was really no decision to be made, or perhaps I was just too naïve to look into making an alternative decision. Last time I diligently went to every appointment and never questioned why I was paying someone to weigh me. I rarely asked questions last time because I never really knew what to ask.


This time, I’m thinking about having a private midwife rather than an obstetrician who I only see for 5 minutes at the end. So far though I haven’t found said midwife or decided on a hospital, but I do have lots of questions ready for them. This time I’ve only seen a GP so far, and even though she has bulk billed me every time, I struggle to convince myself that I actually need to turn up to the appointments.


The nursery

Last time I had already started thinking about and buying things for the nursery. I borrowed the furniture and had started making bunting and upcycling a dresser. I’d probably even started putting the room together.


This baby isn’t getting a room, he/she is getting a ‘corner’. I’ve decided I need the spare room for grandparents to stay and help with said baby and active big brother. This time the cot will be in the corner of our room, although I’m not sure how that will work as Eamon only lasted ½ a night in our room as a newborn – I couldn’t handle all the snuffling! Also at the moment baby is sleeping in the corner in god knows what as we don’t have the borrowed cot any longer (my sister-in-law is also pregnant and needed it back).



Last time by this stage I was still doing everything as normal, the nausea and exhaustion had passed and I was feeling great. I think I probably still fit in most of my regular clothes too.


Pregnancy round two and at 14 weeks I’m already scratching for clothes and regretting that I didn’t keep my maternity clothes from last time. My belly already aches by the afternoon and I’m still falling asleep by 8pm.



Last time I was feeling creative and productive. I’d started sewing like a crazy woman making thousands of cloth nappies.


At the moment I struggle to motivate myself to do even the most basic things, and all creative production is non-existant.



Last time we were renovating and I was still holding heavy things up for Andrew at 8 months pregnant.


This time we are still renovating (albeit a different house) and I anticipate I will still be holding heavy things up when I go into labour.


Was round two different for you?  Are there any other charming second round pregnancy suprises waiting for me?

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  • I found pregnancy 2 very different to the first. The first trimester things were fairly similar. But in trimester 2 the morning sickness was different & my body aches were much, much worse. Also I got “restless leg”! Can u believe this is an actual thing! Ha ha Google it

      10 years ago

      I’ve never heard of it?! Off to google it now! xx

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