How to deal with the stress of the two week wait

two week wait

Can we talk about that dreaded two week wait ?

When we were struggling with infertility it felt like for two weeks every month my life was entirely on hold. I felt like I was holding my breath. Almost as if I was waiting for bad news. I was afraid to get my hopes up yet again but at the same time I’d be manically looking for pregnancy symptoms.

It wasn’t until we took a break from trying to conceive that I realised how anxious I’d been through that whole process. And how badly that anxiety had been affecting me. 

Look. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not here to tell you ‘just relax and it will happen’. Because if there is anything that will raise a woman’s stress levels -it’s being told to relax. 

But I do want to share with you that trying to conceive became an obsession for me for a while there. I was incredibly anxious and it really just really wasn’t a nice way to live. 

After our break I came back into trying to conceive with a whole new perspective. I was enjoying it again. I felt confident and calm. The two week wait no long stressed me to the eyeballs. Life felt good again.  

If you can relate to any of these feelings check out the video below. I’m sharing what I did to help ease the stress of the two week wait and how to stay out of obsession. 

If you’d like to more help to do this, I share in my online fertility yoga course the meditations, visualisations and yoga practices I used after our three losses to manage stress and conceive our third baby Luca.  I’d love to share this with you. 

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