Day in the life with a newborn and work at home Mama

day in the life with a newborn


Do you watch vlogs? I’m currently obsessed.


If you don’t know what a vlog is…


Think of those annoying youtube videos that your kids watch of other kids playing.  You know the ones.  Kids LOVE them. Meanwhile you’re wondering why the hell don’t they just go play themselves.


Anyway a vlog (especially day in the life ones) are like that for adults. Adults just going about their days and you getting a sneak peek into their lives.


I’m particularly obsessed with family routine ones. There is nothing I love more at the moment than seeing how other families run their days.


Yep. Possibly just admitted I have no life at the minute but you know. A 2 month old baby tends to do that to you.


Anyway… so I decided to make a day in the life with a newborn vlog of our own. I’m a little biased but this one is definitely worth watching just to check out where Eamon mocks me when I leave the camera set up and walk away. 6 years old and already thinks his Mum is ridic. I’m in trouble.


Do you love watching vlogs too? What’s your favourite type?


Not into vlogs? You could just check out one of my free yoga classes on youtube instead. 


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