10 signs you need some time out

need some time out

As the crazy season is upon us, everyone’s feeling stressy (totally a word) and exhausted. Kids are whingier. Adults are at the wrong end of snappy and we all just need a big ol’ nap.


Taking time out at this time of year can seem IMPOSSIBLE. End of year school events, work Christmas parties and social gatherings means it feels like there is barely even enough time to get all the essentials done, let alone take some time out from it all.


BUT… if ever there was a time you need it. THIS is the time of year.


Especially if you’re starting to show the warning signs below that in my book mean YOU need a break.


#1. A trip to the grocery store has in your mind become some sort of ‘mini-vacation’.


#2. You just snapped at your 4 year old for whistling too loud. (Seriously who taught him to whistle!? – I might have to confess this is a real life story in my house – and no, I’m not proud of it.)


#3. Even just writing the LIST of people you need to shop for this Christmas is making you overwhelmed.


#4. You’re self-medicating with mince pies and rum balls, and it’s only the first week of December.


#5. Rather than cleaning up the mess you’re just adding tinsel to it and calling it ‘festive decorating’.


#6. You just threatened to give everyone coal for Christmas, including the 1 year old. You weren’t even remotely joking.


#7. You’re considering not going to your work Christmas party because it just seems like too much effort to put on a bra and get dressed.


#8. You just refreshed your Facebook, Instagram or email feed for the fifty-billionth time today.


#9. You still haven’t dealt with the post-winter hairy legs situation and you’re starting to consider the idea that just becoming a full-blown hippy and embracing body hair might be the answer.


#10. Your coffee (and wine) intake has risen dramatically in the last week.


Enough said.


Book a babysitter. Call a code-red with your partner. Swap with a friend.


And take half a day for yourself.


Trust me – EVERYONE will benefit. It’s practically an early Christmas gift for your family!


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