The Kindred Collective – Volume 2 First



Rachel Wiley
, Lucinda Bain,  Katie Rainbird,  Jacqui Lethborg, 
 Jane Lyrstedt,  Bettina Rae
,  Megan Daley, 
 Claire Obeid,
 Caitlin Dyer
, Vanisha Mishra-Vakaoti.


Briony Masters
, Laura Gofton
, Kate Veronica
, Danica Bennett
, Mardi Sommerfeld
, Caitlin Dyer



After the success of Volume 1 and how beautifully all of the stories of birth weaved naturally together, we weren’t sure how the topic of ‘first’ would be interpreted. We shouldn’t have worried. As the submissions started flowing in, we found ourselves nodding, laughing and crying in agreement.

The first year is tough for every mother. And yet for some reason we often still feel the need to only talk of the overwhelming love and the joy babies bring.
We silence our struggles adjusting to the lack of sleep, the strain on our relationships, our feelings of restriction, fearing that if we voice these truths no one will believe that we wouldn’t change it for the world.

But this is the polarity of motherhood. Overwhelming love and ego-shattering lows. It is the hardest of times but one that we know we, with silver-speckled hair and soft wrinkly skin, will look back on fondly. We know there will be a time when our rose-coloured glasses will make us pine for the days when our biggest struggle was the needs of a baby.

We believe it is in the voicing of these struggles that we find our village. We have found that when we are free to speak of both the good and the bad, we feel at once understood, relieved, and freed.

We want to thank you for sharing your stories. They help us remember that despite ‘firsts’ being some of the hardest times, they will soon be forgotten behind the never-ending number of nexts.


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