The pre-baby bucket list

pre-baby bucket list

This pre-baby bucket list is brought to you by the wrong side of 3am.  I’d forgotten about the insomnia that starts getting you ready for the total sleep deprivation that is having a newborn. But here I am at 3am after lying in bed for the last hour trying to sleep.  It all seems rather unfair really.  Or maybe if we went into having a newborn on a sleep high the comparison would be so bad we’d never go again. So maybe it’s an evolutionary thing?


Welcome to my brain at a time of night/morning that no one should have to really deal with. You can thank the internet for that.


At 24 weeks I feel like we are now racing towards the finish line. Especially as the next few months will be filled with 7 more weeks of work, madly trying to finish renovating, Christmas and the new year.  I’m sure by the time I remember to take a breath again I will be 40 weeks and ready to welcome little boy two.


And whilst I’m trying to just take it all in my stride, I have to admit I have had a few cases of “oh my god I’m never going to have time to myself ever again and I barely have a minute now!” freak outs that have me thinking that maybe I should be using this time now a little more wisely.


Like maybe I should be going into yoga more often instead of collapsing on the couch after work. Maybe I should be making more of an effort to catch up with friends before any social event becomes a mammoth effort in nap timing. And maybe I should be ticking off more of my ‘to dos’ before we become a family of four.


Which made me think I should have a pre-baby bucket list of all the things I’m unlikely to find easy (or be able to do at all for a couple of years once I’m back at square one in the baby game).


1. Take a short road trip/ holiday

2. Go away for the weekend kid-free (oh except for the one in my belly of course) – who wants to volunteer their toddler-sitting skills?

3. Take Eamon to Australia Zoo  – I’ve been meaning to do this for a while, although in writing this, I’m not sure what would be worse, walking my heavily pregnant self around this place, or walking a newborn? Thoughts?

4. Spend the afternoon reading. Bonus points if it’s not pregnancy/ kid related.

5. Try kundalini yoga.

6. Get a massage.

7. Spend an afternoon shopping, without toddler wrangling.

8. Date night.

9. Girl’s night.

10. skydiving. (kidding, just checking if you were still reading!)


So… what have I missed?  What do I need to now before it’s too late? (and yes I know that’s dramatic but we all know it’s true!)


4 Responses to “The pre-baby bucket list

  • Great list you got there. Definitely lots more date nights if you can cause once you have two kids its even harder to get that alone time with hubby. Also don’t know if you’ve ever considered this but get some pregnancy photos done. I wish I did and I tell all expectant mums to do it. I’m not even taking nude belly baring photos, just a few beautiful tasteful shots of you at that state in your life. I guess cause I know we wont try for more I kinda wish I have some photo evidence of my pregnancies.

      9 years ago

      Great advice Cam. I have a few photos but would love to get some professional ones done.

  • Done the skydiving totally recommend it. I am thinking of taking Jarvis to a zoo for his birthday. More than happy to take Eamon with us.

      9 years ago

      Oh thanks Julie. Thats such a sweet offer. X

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