How to deal with stress and overwhelm as a Mum



We all have those days where we feel so stressed and overwhelmed that we’re not sure how we’re going to make it until naptime, let alone bedtime. When we’ve been up for hours and it’s only 7am. When we have a mile-long list of things we need to do, yet whenever you attempt to do anything someone needs immediately; I’m hungry, where’s my hat, shoes, keys, or the little one just whinges incessantly at your feet until you pick them up.


So you give up trying tick anything off your list until sleep time. And they don’t nap. Or they do but you’re so tired/ starving/ scattered that you don’t really get anything done then either.


And the days roll on and repeat and your stress and overwhelm for the things you need to get done (and can’t find the time for) just grow and grow and grow.


It’s not a fun place to be is it?


Stress and overwhelm feel even worse when you feel powerless to change them.


Because I’ve most definitely been there too. Too many times in fact. I wanted to share my three tips today on how I manage the never-ending list of things that we have to do as Mums to get the most important thing done while avoiding overwhelm.


Where does stress and overwhelm come from?


Most of the time stress is a combination of worrying about the past or the future. We replay old conversations over and over in our head worrying about whether we could have done something differently. Or we stress over the possible ‘what if’/ worst case scenarios in every situation that is coming up. The irony is there is no stress in the present moment, but it is really hard work to stay there and not let the mind wander to the past or the future. Children ask us constantly to stay in the present moment and yet this often adds to our stress as we feel like we never get anything done because of their constant need for our attention.


How to deal with stress and overwhelm


Step 1.
Mind dump
Write down every last thing that is stressing you out at the moment down onto a piece of paper. From the smallest thing (IE. Forgetting to buy one ingredient for the dinner you are making) to the largest (Extremely challenging behaviours of a child). Don’t hold anything back.


Step 2.
Cross everything off your list that you are powerless to do anything about.
Circle those tasks that someone else can do whether it be asking a friend or partner to help out, or paying someone to take the job off your hands.
Choose one item off the list the MUST be done today.


Step 3.
Take one small step.
Choose one small thing you can do today to move that most pressing item off your list and do it right now.


So I’d love for you to give this a go and let me know if it helps. It’s what I do when I feel it’s all becoming too much and I’m wanting to bury myself in chocolate to cope.


What do you do to deal with stress and overwhelm?


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